Students’ Minds Begin to Snap

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The Lerner boardroom group sends us another photo, this time “as proof that not all hope it [sic] lost.” We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Again, remember to send us the best of your study space/group, and/or any slightly insane sleep-deprived shenanigans. Good luck on today’s finals!

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  1. sorry  

    sorry for the typo.

  2. bwog  

    please assure me that this big shift in focus from quality of posts to quantity of posts is for exam-season only, and is not now a permanent approach.

  3. well  

    i'm rather enjoying this!

  4. bwog,  

    we know that you are procrastinating too.

    stop it.

    love, momma bear

  5. whoa  

    I'm like, fifty feet away from these people. so THATs' what that sound was earlier. haha

  6. people in picture:  

    stop posing for bwog and get back to work.

  7. Good morning, Bwog!  

    How did you sleep?

  8. lolzzz  

    omg so funnnnny i love these guys

  9. Caroline Corley  

    You are my hero.

  10. seriously  

    these people are begging for attention. I really hate the culture around finals time - there isn't that much work and you don't need to study that much. Or maybe you do, but you aren't if you are camping out in butler or in lerner with 600 of your closest friends pretending to be a masochist. if people are sweaty, dirty and tired, it is because they are too busy bragging about how hard they are studying to sleep, shower, and change their clothes.

    If I were an anthro major, I would call this the "finals fetish" but I am not, so I won't.

  11. hah  

    Done with finals. It's good to not be the last one for a change.

  12. noooo  

    caroline corley is MY hero.

  13. you know  

    as nice as this is, you've just fucked any future use of the board room by students. The admins might have excused use of the space during exams, but now that there are 1000 beverages there and multiple people standing on tables, enter bureaucracy/draconian rule preventing use by one and all.

  14. oh.hello.there  

    I did this last Thursday in a Butler study room...
    Only not for attention, but rather because I just needed release. Stop sending your pictures to Bwog. By now, if anyone really wants more of this oh so gripping story, just go camp out at Lerner with them. Duh.

    P.S. Bwog, get back to work, stop dilly dallying with these posts. Thank you.

  15. Bwog,  

    you are such an enabler. Stop encouraging these peope.

  16. ahhhhhh  

    but it's not sticking. at all.

  17. wow

    fuck these people, i dont care. they stood on a table? wow, like no one's ever done that before. ANNOYING

  18. bwog  

    don't enable the attention-mongering

  19. haha  

    i'm enjoying these.

  20. Nobler  

    Is pole dancing a valid gym credit?


    you took my thoughts, put them in words, and postd them on bwog

  22. to clarify

    that was a response to 13

  23. wtf  

    that girl with the short hair is BEAT

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