East Campus and McBain to Be “Serviced” Over Break

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For those of you staying in East Campus or McBain over break, Columbia University Facilities will be using the time to fix your residence. In McBain, elevator repairs will mean that both elevators will be out on Monday, December 29th.

In EC, the story’s slightly less chipper, and quite a bit longer. Facilites “has identified significant deterioration to the plumbing lines for the sink and washing machines in the East Campus laundry room,” and so “the East Campus laundry room will need to close during the upcoming weeks.” The work could take all of Winter Break.

This seems like an appropriate time, then, to remind everyone sticking around in EC over break that there is a tunnel in the basement to Wien, the closest building with a laundry room. Thank us later.

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  1. Why do most

    girls want to date plumbers?

    They're piping hot!

  2. too bad

    you can't get to the tunnels in the basement without an elevator key. i'll let someone borrow the one i stole if they need it

  3. ruggles  

    they are also fixing the staircases in ruggles and have informed us we "may need to take the elevator" over the break. like anyone actually uses the stairs.

  4. yo!  

    Randy Lerner is a CU alum and Law alum too! Why wasn't he considered for Class Day speaker? He owns the Cleveland browns and aston villa!

  5. BWOG  

    needs to do something with the Punster. Who are they, why do they need to make a pun for everything? These are the things we are dying to know, Bwog... actually I just don't wanna write this essay.

  6. you realize  

    the punster isn't one person right? I've posted punny remarks on occasion and I doubt there's more than just one other person who also does it...

  7. yeah  

    I really find the punster irritating. 80% of the puns aren't funny, so that's 80% of his comments that waste my time.

  8. yoyo  

    EC and McBain will be gettin' more "action" than me over break!

    Can I get a holla?

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