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Hey there! Merry Christmas to you. Many of you, like many of us, were expecting a special gift by today: fall semester’s grades. And many of you, like many of us, are without said grades.

So, we’ve begun to compile a list of professors who have yet to upload your final marks. Use the comment thread to shame your professor, and we’ll add him/her to our list. With a little Christmas magic — and some Google-able dishonor — we might all be able to get our grades by New Year’s. 

(Grades are actually due two weeks after the last class — making some seminar grades overdue — or two weeks after the last final.)

The Damned:

Billinge, Simon, Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and Kinetic Theory

Blake, Casey, US Intellectual History 1865-

Bollinger, Lee “PrezBo”, Freedom of Speech & Press

Brandt, Kim, Intro to Japanese Civ

Cole, Brian, Accelerated Physics

Crawford, Julie, Later Shakespeare

Culligan, Patricia, Fluid Mechanics

Debaene, Vincent, Major Literary French Works Since 1800

Dutta, Prajit, Game Theory

Edwards, Brent, Literature of the Black Atlantic

Fowles, Severin, Origins of Human Society

Hoffman, Justin, Music Hum

Jorgensen, Troels, Calculus III

Kessler-Harris, Alice, American Social Welfare Policy

Keyes, David, Numerical Methods of PDEs

Kockelman, Paul, Intro to Language and Culture

Laudanovic, Mladen, Stats 1211

Massimilla, Stephen, Modern Poetry

Menke, William, and Terry Plank, Solid Earth System

Mutter, John, Intro to Earth Science

Nathan, Andrew, Intro to Human Rights

Parsons, Coilin, Lit Hum

Pizzigoni, Caterina, Latin American Civ

Sachs, Jeffrey, Challenges of Sustainable Development

Sala-i-Martin, Xavier, Intermediate Macroeconomics

Segal, Alan, Judaism

Shapiro, Jill, Human Species and its Place in Nature 

Sloan, Herbert, American Civilization to Civil War

Sohrabi, Nader, Theories of Culture

Timberlake, Alan, Intro to Linguistics

Tuttle, Gray, Intro to Tibetan Civ

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  1. also

    Prajit Dutta, Game Theory

  2. Xavier Sala-i-Martin

    Intermediate Macroeconomics

    our midterms took a good 2 months to grade. We love Xavier but come on!!!!

  3. Brian Cole

    Accelerated Physics

  4. SAD

    Nader Sohrabi, Theories of Culture

  5. how about

    the ENTIRE architecture department.

  6. Jeffrey Sachs

    Challenges of Sustainable Development

  7. Not Mona!

    I'm sorry your TA sucks, but I got my Intro. to Comparative Politics grade back. Don't knock Mona.

    Brad, you are the best TA ever.

  8. Kim Brandt

    Intro to Japanese Civ

  9. This list

    is going to get very long very soon.

    Simon Billinge - Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and Kinetic Theory

    Patricia Culligan - Fluid Mechanics

  10. Professor Nathan

    Intro to Human Rights

  11. Menke/Plank

    Solid Earth System

  12. Fowles

    Origins of Human Society

  13. CLLN 3101  

    Alan Timberlake - Introduction to Linguistics

    C'mon brah! There weren't even any essays on the thing.

  14. TWO!

    Ana Petrovic, Frontiers of Science TA
    Coilin Parsons, Lit Hum

  15. Anonymous

    Numerical Methods of PDE's
    David Keyes

    To be fair, he's probably in Saudi Arabia at the moment, helping found an institution much richer than our own.

  16. John Mutter

    Intro to Earth Science

    meanwhile, no one cares about your LitHum classes.

  17. Gray Tuttle

    Intro to Tibetan Civ

  18. Herbert Sloan

    American Civilization to Civil War

  19. Vincent Debaene

    Major Literary French Works since 1800

  20. EESC

    Peter Eisenberger, The Earth/Human Interactions

  21. Liu Lu

    Into to East Asian Civ: China

  22. Jesus Christ

    It's not like it's the end of the world if you're grades are late.

  23. Paul Olsen

    Dinosaurs & the History of Life

    But out of curiosity, Bwog, why are you making this list?

  24. alll my profs

    Eric Foner
    and others...

  25. entire meche dept

    with the exception of nabil simaan

    fred stolfi, mechatronics
    richard longman, classical control systems
    ines basalo, mechanical engineering lab III

  26. ughh

    jian yang--neurobiology

  27. ugh

    John Taylor - Project Management

  28. Greg Pflugfelder

    Cultural History of Japanese Monsters

  29. John Collins

    Methods and Problems of Philosophical Thought

  30. Gregory Smithsimon

    Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in Urban America

  31. Jonathan Crary

    19th century art history

  32. Brian Rakitin

    Science of Psychology

  33. Julian Franklin

    Animal Rights

  34. Allan Blaer

    PHYS W3003 Mechanics

  35. Sonia Amaral Rohter

    horrible teacher to boot

  36. Nicholas Dames

    Austen, Bronte, Eliot; also, The 19th-century Novel in Europe

  37. advice

    Come on people. Take a break and leave SSOL alone for a while.

  38. melanie ventanilla

    art hum.

  39. www

    roosevelt montas, cc
    corbett bazler, music hum

  40. more

    Helen Lu: Tissue Engineering I
    Elizabeth Hillman: Biomedical Engineering Design I

  41. Uh huh.

    This list is of dubious value.

  42. add

    Nicholas Turro: Gen Chem

  43. Add, please.

    Katja Vogt, History of Philosophy I

  44. None

    None of my classes got grades back yet.

    None of them.

    One was a creative writing class which had portfolios dues three weeks ago. Another was an entirely scan-troned multiple choice test. Come on, guys, come on!

  45. Umm..

    You do realize grades aren't officially due until the 29th, right?

    From SSOL's web grading submission form for instructors:

    "Web Grading for Fall 2008 will be available as of December 1, 2008. Grades are due no later than Monday, December 29, 2008."

    • oops

      Didn't actually know that. Sort of assumed it was past the due date because Bwog posted this list.

      Knowing grades don't even have to be turned in yet is a load off my back. Like any painful inevitable, they'll come when they come!

  46. Orhan Pamuk  

    Shame on you, Nobel laureate and all. Don't you know Columbia apartments come with professorial duties?

  47. Tired of Waiting

    Weihong Bao, Global Genres & East Asian Cinema...

    Come on, there were less than 20 in the whole class!

  48. Ellie Hisama

    for chromatic harmony and counterpoint.

    although no one at columbia gives a shit about music undergrads, so whatever.

  49. Mule

    I got a B+ in Lit. only grade so far. Read all the books and got a B...Who the hell gets a B in Lit Hum! I'm a damn mule.

    It's my only grade so far so needless to say I'm in a panic.

    Another grade offender: David Helfand, Frontiers of Science.

    • ehh

      it happens to the best of us. Don't let it get to you. Learn fast that grading is random and means nothing.

      • Mike Oxbig

        Does changing section really occur a lot during the second semester?

        I pulled an A- in Lit Hum which is satisfying but I actively dislike my section. Love the teacher but some of hese kids are kills a lot of my desire to participate.

        If there's a general shuffle in every come January i would love to switch.

        • Senior

          If you dislike your first semester Lit Hum or CC teacher/class, don't feel dissuaded from switching sections for second semester. I switched mid-year for both and got lucky both times -- ended up with two of the best teachers/classes I've had at Columbia.

          • Word on that  

            I actually failed the first semester of Lit Hum (I was a clusterfuck of a freshman and deserved the F), so I've taken three semesters with three different instructors (ie, two falls and a spring). All of my instructors were fucking amazing (all were gold nuggets on culpa), but grading was highly variable. I got a B+ my second time around at Lit Hum I, despite having read all the books thoroughly and having a year up on my competition; and an A+ in Lit Hum II. It pays to shop around.

            (Protip for the '13s: it also pays to write your fucking papers and show up to class.)

          • hey, #74!

            Merry Christmas! I'm coming back on the 16th (I think), so I'll see you then. I miss you tons! Thanks for cleaning the fridge!

          • Woah...

            May I ask who was your third A+ Lit. Hum. professor?

            Poster #68

    • Well...

      as explained in a previous posting, David Helfand was traveling quite a long distance on his sleigh last night...

      • Yes!

        I am so glad David Helfand = Santa Claus is sticking. But speaking of, St. Helfand, not only are you holding up every sections' grades in Frontiers, WHERE THE EFF WAS THE PUPPY I ASKED FOR THIS MORNING???

    • cc '10

      i got a b+ in every great books class, regardless of how much effort i put in. it's normal. don't fret too much.

  50. really depends

    on the teachers... i know someone who got a friggin C- lit hum first semester!!!! C-!!! after working her butt off... then changed teachers and got an A or A- second semester....ridiculous, hate that about small discussion classes

  51. i thought

    bwog doesn't put this up until the 1st or so...

  52. Eliza Woo!!!

    Eliza Woo for Frontiers of Science.

  53. david elson

    Data structures

  54. history

    foner! radical traditions!

  55. Jack McGourty

    Class was done TWO WEEKS before finals. The guy does NOTHING ELSE with his time.

  56. David Elson

    Data Structures

  57. Greg Bryan

    modeling the universe

  58. prajit

    dutta posted game theory today

  59. David Schiminovich

    Life in the Universe

  60. List

    Lalith Monasinghe: Labor Economics
    Denis Kristensen: Intro to Econometrics
    Sally Davidson: Financial Economics

  61. Panourgia

    Interpretation of Culture

  62. Roberts

    Religion in Modernity

  63. Dear Bwog

    Could you sort the professors by name? Makes it easier to see whether they are on the list already.


  64. ............

    Weinstein- Economic Development of Japan

    Lutz- Social and Personality Development

  65. meh  

    People, the grades are not due yet. Wait until the 29th to bash. How many of you turned your papers in 4 days before the due date?

  66. Patricia Culligan

    add to that:

    Urban Ecology Studio

  67. Ana Mendez Oliver

    Ana Mendez Oliver - Spanish

  68. you forgot

    Jon Elster...though there were all of 6 people in that class.

  69. you guys

    you guys are all stupid you realize that if you post the prof's name, and he reads it, basically your class is fucked cause he will recognize what ingracious little pricks you guys are?

  70. This is

    kind of a waste of keystrokes and pixels. Just wait until the 29th and *then* complain. Right now, it just seems really whiny. The grades will get there, be patient!

  71. Brian Rakitin

    Science of Psychology.

  72. grades posted

    take Ana Petrovic's name down...

    grades posted this morning

  73. Dutta

    posted his grades this morning. Way to guilt, Bwog!

  74. relax

    profs celebrate the holidays with their families too

  75. m669max

    Andrew Sarris, International Film History: 1930-60

  76. grades, please

    Keith Moxey Intro to Art History

  77. yes indeed

    Ed Park, Approaches to the Short Story
    Benjamin Anastas, Intermediate Fiction Workshop
    Lila Abu-Lughod, Gender Culture Human Rights

    I want grades! please

  78. still no grade!

    Adam Cannon, Intro to Computer Science. Funny thing is he said they would be up a week ago, and still nothing.

  79. missing my CC grade

    I have applications due on the 31st, and this semester's transcript says "incomplete" without that missing grade. Ugh.

  80. a few

    Richard Billows, Ancient Greek History
    Joannis Mylonopoulos, Greek Art and Architecture

  81. Anonymous

    Sally Davidson, Financial Economics

    • yup

      hers is the only reason i still check email -- to see if that blasted "your grade has been submitted" email came yet.

      to her credit she was a damn good teacher and has several hundred exams to grade by herself.

  82. here's more...

    Jacqueline Olvera, Intro Sociology
    Jose Plácido Ruiz Campillo, Spanish Linguistics (but he's new and probably not entirely used to "coor-se-works)

  83. here's more...

    Jacqueline Olvera, Intro Sociology
    Jose Plácido Ruiz Campillo, Spanish Linguistics (but he's new and probably not entirely used to "coor-se-works)

  84. here's more...

    Jacqueline Olvera, Intro Sociology
    Jose Plácido Ruiz Campillo, Spanish Linguistics (but he's new and probably not entirely used to "coor-se-works)

  85. i second that

    who was your A+ Lit Hum professor?

  86. laggards

    david weiman - theoretical foundations of political economy

    martha blumberg - elementary spanish ii

  87. barnard class

    Peter Connor- the 19th c. French Novel

  88. cheme

    Chris Durning - Transport Phenomena

    it'd be nice if he would post this so i know whether or not i need to look into another choice of majors. I JUST NEED TO KNOW THAT I PASSED. COME ON, MAN.

  89. random

    God - How to be good

  90. lmx

    How is Campillo? I'm taking his class next semester.

    • he's

      very chill...and kind of crazy (in a good way). though we had no work all semester and the class had no structure... and our only graded assignment was a 10 page final research paper, but we barely had time to write it & he never gave any clear direction/help on it whatsoever. i still have no idea what i learned in that class.

  91. URBS:

    Jack McGourty and Tim Cross, Science and Technology in Urban Environments

  92. Art History

    Benelli's Intro to Architecture

  93. note about art hum

    take kyle killian for art hum he is absolutely fabulous!!!!

  94. barnard class 2

    McCaskill - Neuropharmacology and Behavior

  95. here's three

    Feld, Marlon - Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint
    Sisman, Elaine - Beethoven
    Catterson, Lynn - Art Hum

  96. p/f-ing anyway

    David Cohen, Diatonic Theory

  97. SSOL kills my life

    Why does SSOL only update at 4:30 am so that I have to stay up every night and ruin the next day?

  98. here's more...

    Jacqueline Olvera, Intro Sociology

    Jose Plácido Ruiz Campillo, Spanish Linguistics (but he's new and probably not entirely used to "coor-se-works)

  99. ssol addict

    has anyone figured out what the ssol update times refer to? it seems like approximately central time but its not always exact.

  100. ssol addict

    No, grades posted the previous day appear whenever SSOL updates many hours before you receive the email. However, the update times don't match any time zone in this country. For example, today it claims to have updated at 2:24 but it is 4:23 EST...

  101. Eric Foner

    not sure about other sections, but the only grade I haven't gotten is for Foner's The American Radical Tradition.

  102. Jonathan Schorsch

    Inquisitions (New) Christians Empire

  103. Randall Balmer

    Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

  104. naughty:

    Nicole Cohen: East Asian Civ
    Kay Shimizu: Chinese Politics

  105. Youre a bunch

    of whiners! whine whine wine wine wino wino homeless drunk whiners!

    Wait til 2009 to complain!


  106. uhh....

    Ok. What the fuck is the point of this post if no one is going to update it?

  107. English

    Marcellus Blount: Masculinity and American Film

  108. banker54

    Oh noes! when are they gonna post those grades! I need my updated GPA for my investment banking resume and cover letterz!!

  109. Nobel Prize winner

    Robert Mundell: Global Macro Disequilibrium

    Zoe — where are our grades??

  110. Sidorsky

    20th Cent. Philos. and Social and Political Philos.

  111. Grades are in for

    Financial Economics
    Labor Economics

  112. Wtf

    Honestly, where the hell are my grades? I'm still missing three of them -- two from seminars with less than ten kids in each! If today is the deadline, what do you do if it's not posted? Why would the profs even need to follow the deadline -- clearly Presbo isn't abiding by it, why should they?

  113. wtf times six

    only missing 3....i have 6 classes and missing all is up.

  114. yea if

    today's the deadline, then that means if they put it up today, it'll show up on ssol tomorrow.. but yea still waiting for 1 more grade...

    lynn catterson just put her grades art hum teacher!

  115. SSOL

    stayed up all night for SSOL to update, it still hadn't updated at 6am.


  116. question

    um, what exactly happens if a professor does not post by the deadline? are any punitive measures taken at all?

  117. Prof Bao

    Global Genres and East Asian Cinema, Weihong Bao: Last class December 3, Paper deadline 20 days ago; like 20 people in the class = read 1 paper per day... Why no grade posted? Don't get it... CULPA time!

    By the way, Bwog, this color description thing totally sucks for people who have color perception problems - you really need to change it

  118. . . .

    billows: ancient greek history


    usher: french

  119. Latin American Civ

    grades are up

  120. ASSA

    How do u appeal a grade?

  121. Econ Japan

    Economic Development of Japan, Weinstein

  122. i think

    that professors should have to move our grades up one step for every day they are late posting grades. After all we get penalized for turning papers in late. This is ridiculous.

  123. It's now 12/31 and

    Marilyn Ivy has not posted a grade for her Millenial Futures class.

  124. new years eve

    kessler-harris is still MIA too

  125. Anonymous

    Julia Lougovaya - Elementary Greek

  126. mr. green

    MY GRAAADES! I still don't have two grades in. Where are they? Anyone in a same predicament?

  127. david weiman

    david f. weiman - theoretical foundations of political economy

  128. Does anyone else

    Have a "CP" (Credit Pending) on their SSOL? I definitely turned all my work in for that class, so this is a mystery to me...

  129. mr. blue

    WHERE ARE MY GRADES! is anyone else missing any?

  130. oy vey

    still missing one grade,

    anyone here know if political economy is a "mathy" class or a "read-y" class?

  131. Sidorsky

    Grades still missing for Social and Political Philosophy and 20th Century Philosophy.

  132. alan timberlake

    where are the grades for your introduction to linguistic class?

  133. Szabolcs Marka

    Physics III

  134. damn

    Still missing grades. Ridiculous. At this rate, my professor would only have to read 1/2 of each student's essay per day.

  135. yeah

    alot of that exam was MC/short answer too

  136. wants my grades

    Still missing: Maura Spiegel and Farah Griffin.

  137. grades

    sachs posted grades today

  138. please

    please post my grade

  139. Why

    am I still missing a grade!?

  140. grades  

    still missing ! (Jorgensen)

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