Hey there! Merry Christmas to you. Many of you, like many of us, were expecting a special gift by today: fall semester’s grades. And many of you, like many of us, are without said grades.

So, we’ve begun to compile a list of professors who have yet to upload your final marks. Use the comment thread to shame your professor, and we’ll add him/her to our list. With a little Christmas magic — and some Google-able dishonor — we might all be able to get our grades by New Year’s. 

(Grades are actually due two weeks after the last class — making some seminar grades overdue — or two weeks after the last final.)

The Damned:

Billinge, Simon, Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and Kinetic Theory

Blake, Casey, US Intellectual History 1865-

Bollinger, Lee “PrezBo”, Freedom of Speech & Press

Brandt, Kim, Intro to Japanese Civ

Cole, Brian, Accelerated Physics

Crawford, Julie, Later Shakespeare

Culligan, Patricia, Fluid Mechanics

Debaene, Vincent, Major Literary French Works Since 1800

Dutta, Prajit, Game Theory

Edwards, Brent, Literature of the Black Atlantic

Fowles, Severin, Origins of Human Society

Hoffman, Justin, Music Hum

Jorgensen, Troels, Calculus III

Kessler-Harris, Alice, American Social Welfare Policy

Keyes, David, Numerical Methods of PDEs

Kockelman, Paul, Intro to Language and Culture

Laudanovic, Mladen, Stats 1211

Massimilla, Stephen, Modern Poetry

Menke, William, and Terry Plank, Solid Earth System

Mutter, John, Intro to Earth Science

Nathan, Andrew, Intro to Human Rights

Parsons, Coilin, Lit Hum

Pizzigoni, Caterina, Latin American Civ

Sachs, Jeffrey, Challenges of Sustainable Development

Sala-i-Martin, Xavier, Intermediate Macroeconomics

Segal, Alan, Judaism

Shapiro, Jill, Human Species and its Place in Nature 

Sloan, Herbert, American Civilization to Civil War

Sohrabi, Nader, Theories of Culture

Timberlake, Alan, Intro to Linguistics

Tuttle, Gray, Intro to Tibetan Civ