DSpar Blames Economic Crash on Testosterone, Men In General

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“Let me begin with the caveats: I like men,” writes Barnard’s president in today’s Washington Post, “But as the financial debacle unfolds, I can’t help noticing that all the perpetrators of the greatest economic mess in eight decades are, well, men.”

Oh yes, you may have heard many other explanations for the Wall Street crisis: irresponsible lending agencies, insane hedge fund managers, a housing prices bubble,  and so on. But according to Barnard’s president (who was a professor at Harvard Business School before coming to Morningside Heights), though, the problem lies in the nefarious XY chromosome pairing. Male-dominated Wall Street DSpar argues, could have been saved by some female leadership, because “women may be less inclined than men to place the kind of bets that can get them in real trouble.” Oh, and female whistleblowers (on Wall Street or elsewhere) are also never listened to. 

Don’t worry, though, guys: Spar assures you that “I have spent most of my career surrounded by men, and I have no major complaints.”

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  1. Seriously, Bwog?  

    XX? Seriously?

  2. Double Standard?

    Larry Summers got into a whole load of trouble for questioning whether innate differences between men and women account for the lack of women in top science and engineering positions. Will the PC police attack DSpar with the same vehemence for daring to insinuate that men and women manage risk differently?

  3. surrounded by men

    that's what she said

  4. The King of Spain

    I wonder if if the "But I have a husband" cop-out will become the next "But I have gay friends?"

  5. thank god

    the first comment in this was about the xx thing. to be "snarky" and stupid at the same time is weak.

  6. iono

    the article wasn't quite as stupid as it seems at first glance, but i'm not very impressed. there's been plenty of male whistle-blowers, and the girls who work at goldman sachs are prolly just as psycho.

    not a very convincing frame of analysis. but yeah, more women should work on wall street!

  7. It's true that men  

    are on average much more likely to take risks - not just in finance but pretty much everywhere. Sometimes it's successful; sometimes not. When it's successful, it generates enormous returns to society - think explorers and entrepeneurs - but it can also fail, which it clearly did here. So, blaming the economic crisis on men is accurate but meaningless, since the economic growth that has collapsed during the crisis was ALSO created predominately by men.

  8. good analysis

    Dspar. But you know what, I think the real reason there was a crash is because there are far too few cows on Wall Street. Now I have nothing against non-cows - my parents and brother are not cows. But cows are simply not inclined to take the kinds of risks homo sapiens are. Trust me! Cows do not "embrace the kind of massively aggressive behavior that brought us a Dow of 14,000 and then, seemingly overnight, a crash of epic proportions".

    "Conversely, [cows] may also be more inclined to blow the whistle on others' risky business." Consider that if you approach a cow suspiciously, it will stare at you and moo.

    Cows are exactly what we need on Wall Street, and in general. This I state without proof because clearly a wall-street with few cows has not worked.

  9. Last I checked

    Erin Callan is not a man.

  10. ummm

    she looks like a man, just like the rest of the barnard girls

  11. FBI?

    Her mention of the FBI agent was dumb. That's not even a case of an excessive reliance on risk vs. whistle-blowing. That has more to do with institutional inefficiencies and inter-agency incompetence.

    Poor choice.

  12. Hmm...

    Well, I do believe that the XX pairing is a nefarious problem, but I don't think that was the article's original intention.

  13. Hmm  

    Unquestioned essentialism with a tinge of hate-mongering. Barnard's in for a fun few years! Unless those men have anything to say about it!

  14. gco

    personally, i think the "innate sexual differences" question is a non-starter, and is about as exciting to watch as world's strongest man reruns

  15. Thanks

    for bashing 40% of my winter break, ass.

  16. Good, but

    Really Debra Spar? You seem to have overlooked that the CLO, a financial instrument misused that led to the subprime mortgage crisis, (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collateralized_loan_obligation) was created by a woman, Blythe Masters of JPMorgan.

    Recessions are Equal Opportunity

  17. lol dspar

    Shame that no men can donate to your shit college. Enjoy going under, you crap ho.

  18. Can

    people stop name-calling DSpar and Barnard students? Her argument was flawed but calling her an ugly cunt and a ho only makes you look like a sexist asshole.

  19. women just

    need to know their place that's all

  20. yeah

    it's really irritating when bwog censors. i'm sure the comments are idiotic, but w/e?

  21. wonder if ill be deleted

    maybe the reason men cause the problems is because they're the only ones with enough power to actually make a difference.

  22. "Once

    upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road [called Wall Street] and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo"

    adapted from Joyce

  23. ...

    o right. lets listen to the woman trying to capitalize on a bad situation to steer attention away from the real problems and onto her pet interests. that sort of behavior is nothing like what got us into this mess in the first place...

  24. That's

    one of the stupidest things I've heard.

    It's sad when feminists destroy their cred by reading sexism/chauvanism into situations where it just simply doesn't apply.

    I'm sure that there are anti-regulatory women as well, ones who would have made similar choices. Sarah Palin, anyone?

  25. twat

    is twat ok? Can I call her a twat?

  26. Abby

    "Im gonna smack your balls off" -Abigail Adams

  27. 30 rocker

    Jack Donaghey was right. It IS hardest to be a white male in this country.

  28. blackminorcapullets

    Interesting concept but greed might have more to do with it than testosterone...and there is lots of greedy estrogen around.

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