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Less than 24 hours after CCSC filled one vacant seat, another spot has opened up. This time, it’s CC ’09 Class Council vice-president Mallory Carr, who resigned earlier today.

Carr won election this past year as part of Mark Johnson’s Fusion Party, after running the year before as VP for Policy on Natali Segovia’s Voice Party ticket. She has also been involved in the Multicultural Recruitment Committee and the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee.

UPDATE (9:55 PM): Carr told Bwog in an email, “I know that with my many other commitments this semester, I would not be able to continue in my role as VP to the best of my ability.” She continued: “However, I have the utmost faith in the rest of our council to continue to fulfill our promises to the senior class.” Sources also confirm to Bwog that CC ’09 President Mark Johnson has appointed class rep Heather Oh as the new VP and Brandon Shulman to fill Oh’s representative position, as per the council’s constitution.

UPDATE (11:18 PM): Seems ESC has the resignation bug as well – VP for Alumni Affairs and Professional Development Pradeep Bandaru resigned over winter break. ESC will hear speeches from interested candidates and vote on a new VP next week.

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  2. hey  

    mallory was the reason i voted for mark johnson in the first place...

  3. cc10  

    one of the reps from cc2010 also quit, i think over the winter break

  4. hey bwog  

    do some research - why'd she quit?

    • From  

      a realistic standpoint it's not Bwog's job to do research, Spec, on the other hand should have someone on it, and the fact that there is nothing posted yet is just another testament to its failure as a legitimate news source.

      • whuh?

        "it's not Bwog's job to do research"

        That's a pretty silly statement. The world would be a (marginally) better place if more blogs did their own research -- which, as it happens, Bwog does quite a bit of.

  5. yes  

    aww she's so nice. why'd she quit?

  6. i assume  

    she probably resigned because mark johnson is unbearable. just a thought.

  7. Mal!  

    Dear Mal,

    I love you. You're too good for CCSC anyways.

  8. realist  

    Its kinda funny, I noticing in all these clubs on campus, all these seniors keep quitting after they get jobs. Doesn't anyone care about anything anymore?

  9. I noticing  

    you noticing me.

  10. mallory  

    is an awesome RA! let's put her on the dime

  11. ok  

    It is despicable to see seniors like mallory and tiffany "resigning," especially after they have their job offers in hand. She probably got a job offer recently?

  12. to add...  

    Also, I dont care how "sweet" Mallory seems to be- I think she proves to be very irresponsible. What "other time commitments" does she have this semester? For god sake she is a second semester senior with a job probably. bad excuse- another resume padder.

    Whatever little respect I had for CCSC and ESC is lost.

  13. i think  

    these council folks are starting to wise up and realize that neither they nor the student government as a whole do jack shit. sure, they plan bbqs and study breaks but do they do anything of importance? get back to me when you think of something...

    and no, new toilet seats in mcbain don't count. i just pissed all over them.

    • stugov  

      I know people shit on StuGov a lot, but I'll tell you one thing it has done that really was good for me. They changed the old pass-fail policy, which did not allow you to pass a class and then see and choose to uncover your grade after the semester ended. The Pass/D/Fail policy allowed me to take Calc Pass-fail and take the grade at the end when I was happy with it and didn't think it would bust my GPA. I'm sure others have benefitted too.

  14. chill out  

    Have none of you ever been stressed and over-committed before? Wow.

  15. niner  

    Heather will get the job done with style. Love to Mallory you rocked it.

  16. ...

    I think most of the people complaining of resume-padding on this thread are making comments that reflect more on themselves than they do on Mallory. I feel that some of you are probably a little jealous that you did not do as much with your time at Columbia.

    As far as Mallory is concerned, she has worked so hard behind the scenes in the CC'09 class council for the last two and a half years under the leadership/incompetence of george krebs and mark johnson. I'm surprised she was able to last this long cleaning up after all the messes that they would make. These resignations seem to tell more about the higher leadership of CCSC and their ability to motivate council members to stay on board. Two resignations is unprecedented in CCSC history (That's something you might expect from GSSC).

  17. You obviously  

    Don't know Mal if you think she did any of this just to pad her resume and then quit once she had a job. She has so many other things that she is involved in on campus. And as a member of ccsc let me tell you, you would be shocked how little would have gotten done if not for Mal fixing George's and Mark's mistakes.

  18. maybe  

    its because employers don't care anymore if you suck it up with SC, they're only taking a very select and proficient few. Or maybe its because they are really putting more steam into the job search. Can't say I blame them

  19. CC '09  

    FYI not all seniors who plan on working directly after college (as opposed to continuing school) have jobs yet. Not even close.

  20. Mallory  

    is great. She does so much for this school and just because she cannot fix anymore of Mark's messes does not mean that she needs to be treated this way. Honestly, it was a personal decision that she put a lot of thought into and I know it still is eating at her a little that she had to do it.

    Also, no senior has resigned from ESC in the past few years...

    And to those who thing the councils dont do anything for them. Right now they are working on fixing the calendar for next year so that there is more than one study day in the fall semester. You do not know the number of hoops that they have to jump through at Columbia, but it is getting done and the proposal was passed by both councils in the past two days. Maybe some of you should try to get things done at Columbia. It is hard work and the councils are definitely trying.

  21. Looking forward...  

    ...regardless of what prompted Mallory to resign, it's hard to say that she was lying about her heart not being in it, or else she wouldn't have resigned in the first place. For that reason, I think the Class of '09 should be grateful that they'll have Heather as their VP. She is sharp and no-nonsense and will be a tremendous asset for '09 on a whole.

  22. Honestly,  

    Mal is one of the most hard-working, honest people at this school. I'm sure that this decision was not an easy one for her, and I know that it was not based on the fact that she got a job. I'm sure she has done much more for this school than most of these people commenting.

  23. this conversation  

    is hilarious.

    To those who are out for blood - wtf?
    What in the hell do you care about someone resigning from ccsc? If it is a resume pad...(which is very questionable).. so the fuck what? That would make it like every other activity everywhere, and it would make it perfectly in line with a school full of overarchievers.

    By the way, if you really thought there was no work involved in CCSC and it was just a cheap resume pad... then why didn't you all take the resume freebie that is ccsc anytime in the last 4 years?

    Either way you guys are idiots

    Personally, I'm of the opinion that people on student council work fairly hard (by comparison to the average student group) and accomplish very little of substance. But generally speaking, when they do get something done, the change is positive (e.g. new pass-fail policy; off-campus flex).

  24. Mallory Carr  

    could beat all you flabby-mouthed loser loudmouths to the ground. TO THE GROUND. then she would stand up and be awesome.

  25. Anonymous  

    Mallory is a wonderful person, and as her friend, I support her for making the decision that is right for her.

  26. GradStudent

    Student government at Columbia is undoubtedly a resume padding device. Frankly, as a Columbia undergrad, I never lamented not being involved in this hack organization and in case you didn't notice 90% of people on campus stood by and raised their eyebrows as these people ran around like idiotic socialistas trying to garner votes. If you're going to pad your resume at least make it socially responsible: be a big brother or sister, teach a volunteer ESL class, volunteer to tutor at a Harlem school. Don't play politics and pretend you are some martyr for students.

    And what in the hell does flabby mouthed mean? Good to see her cheerleader squad showed up for this thread.

    • unfortunately  

      your logic is flawed, my friend, since mallory actually does do all of those socially responsible things (she spent a summer in africa volunteering and teaching for gods sake) in addition to ccsc.

    • another friend  

      several of the ccsc people i know do a whole lot in the NYC community. whether they are tutoring at afterschool programs or working at LGR, they are doing a hell of a lot more than my (and probably your) lame ass! i'm involved in virtually nothing, but to the people who do all: good for them! why do people keep putting them down...they do what works for them, you and i do what works for us.

    • Anonymous  

      "these people ran around like idiotic socialistas trying to garner votes"

      What is an idiotic socialista and how does one run?

  27. senior 09  

    mallory is the most genuine person i know. i don't think she believes in "resume padding."

  28. Grad Students  

    really should have more important things to do, rather than comment on bwog about undergraduate issues. weird old people.

  29. Anonymous

    Mallory spent this entire last summer as a NON-PAID intern in South Africa increasing AIDS awareness...way to make a comment on a situation you do not know fully understand, ignorant fool.

    She lives her life for others.

  30. so what

    How funny! She needs her boyfriend to keep posting stuff to defend her. BTW. Who cares if she went to South Africa. For all we know it was probably a vacation; she took lots of pictures; posed with a few black people; then continued sipping her margaritas on her safari adventure.

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