The powers that be are determined to confine us to our rooms.  A smattering of events around campus, served with the usual levity.


Israel.  Gaza.  Their supports, all in once place: showdown on the steps.  We’ll have more details later today. Lunchtimeish @ Alma Mater’s house.


Columbia’s resident string quartets are back.  Haydn, for free, at lunch.  12:30 PM @ Philosophy Lounge.


Take a nap.  This is the last chance you’ll get this semester.


Community Impact presents Earl Jam the Third.  In other words, an open mic with a side of grilled cheese.  Check the Bwog sidebar for more information, including signups.  8:00 PM @ Party Space.


Public stargazing from the top of Pupin begins this week, and will continue every second Friday.  7:00 PM @ Pupin.

Bwog almost passed over this event, but was stopped by the subtitle: “The Lives of Cross-Dressed Male Sex Workers in Early Postwar Japan.”  For kicks, 12:00 PM @ 918 IAB.