Overheard Returns

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After a semester on hiatus, the campus overheards have returned! Send anything silly, stupid, or downright strange (whether text or photos) to [email protected]

A father and his two young sons are walking along Broadway past Ricky’s.

Father: Do you remember when that used to be a costume shop?

Boy 1 and 2: Yes!

Father: And do you remember when it was a video store before that?

Boy 1 and 2: Uh huh!

Father: What is it now? [pause] It looks like they sell cosmetics.

Boy 1: What’s “cosmetics”?

Father: Not as fun as DVDs, that’s for sure.

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  1. is that funny?  

    just wondering

  2. it is  

    if the boy grows up to be a transvestite

  3. Wow

    did somebody pee in your cheerios this morning guys? I'm sorry this post didn't amuse you sufficiently or appeal to your vast wit.

  4. no...  

    it just isn't funny.

  5. it is  

    if he's talking about porn?

  6. hey dad person  

    the place has sexy toys

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