“Oh Snaps”: Next Week’s Guilt-Free Murder Spree

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Just as you’re feeling comfortable with this new semester, you feel a sudden wetness. 

Yes, CU Assassins is back, launching with E-Week 2009.  ESC has more information in a blog post thing, awkwardly titled “Oh Snaps.”  Clearly, this is going to be a killer event, as it involves multiple snaps “from behind.” 

We’ve already shared tips on being merciless in this competition, so hurry and sign up all this week at any E-Week event before hearing about the rules and regulations; the explanatory meeting is on Friday.

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  1. Assassins

    I'm going to make an appeal here, as a veteran of last year's game not participating this year but hoping for good, clean mayhem:

    Assassins Exec Board: Kick players out of the game who have 0 activity. Just putting someone on the disavowed list doesn't do anything if they're not around anyway. I know people have gone to far away locales to get their kills, but there were some crafty folks who did absolutely nothing by way of the game but still managed to make it to the final rounds.

    Put simply, these people suck. They make the game unfun. Be elusive, be secretive... lock yourself in your room for two months. But don't spend all of your time at your girlfriend's place at NYU. There are reasonable ways to be elusive, and then there's just plain being a douche. The game is fun because there's action.

    Good luck, and hugs n kisses,
    Agent Pigpen

  2. huh?  

    why is locking yourself in your room for 2 months ok but staying at your girlfriend's apartment for 2 months not ok?

    • both

      are cool and good ways to win the game.

      but seriously that game is too fucking intense. i lasted i think four days and then i cracked. i had some just kill me and put me out of my misery.

  3. how  

    long does assassins last?

  4. BC12  

    Can Barnard girls participate?

  5. Bouyah!  

    I can handle it. I can handle it. There are no classes I can't skip next week. I have all my work here with me. A good wi-fi, delivery for food and a shower/bath in my own room. I can totally just bribe my friends into carrying hits for me. That's the american way.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is.....Come get, BITCHES!

  6. person  

    Ah, the joys of being Asian and thus permanently in disguise.

  7. AND  

    (preferably before Friday...)


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