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The deadline may have been pushed back, but candidates have already started to fall into place for CCSC elections, plotting the best ways to invade your life with posters. 

As usual, only some of the major tickets have received challengers (so far). The most competitive race looks to be for senior class president, with many tipping former VP for Campus Life candidate Cliff Massey to take on incumbent A.J. Pascua. Rumors had also been circulating that current CQA president Jeanette Clark was considering a run, but sources close to Clark say she has decided against running. And, like many freshman incumbents, the 2012 class council is apparently being challenged by at least one of the parties it defeated in the fall.

The other two major races, though, look to be uncompetitive: CC ’11 President Learned Foote looks to be unopposed for a third year as class president, though current VP Sara Partridge is departing to study abroad (replaced by class rep Sean Udell). Finally, in the race to replace George Krebs, current CC ’10 VP (and Study Day solver) Sue Yang is closer to cruising in unopposed, with CCSC sources saying that current VP for Campus Life Robyn Burgess is less and less likely to challenge her. A lot could change between now and March 6th, but, on the bright side, the more uncompetitive the races, the earlier you can tune out.

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  1. Tipster  

    Jeffrey Sachs on Letterman tomorrow!

  2. great  

    a lot less exciting compared to last year...already tuned out!

  3. that dude  

    bro raped me at a party

  4. Jeanette Clark  

    will always be my president!

  5. yay!!  

    sue and cliff!!!! w00t .

  6. Yes!  

    Go Sue!

    And please, someone, anyone, take on AJ and get him the hell out of that position.

  7. omg

    AMAZING photo. Who made that???

  8. i would appreciate  

    some barnard sga gossip too plz...

  9. Nobler  

    Is that caption a form of broetry?

  10. No Matter  

    That Clark girl is totally hot.

  11. aj

    should totally step down after his racist comments

  12. Come on  

    AJ is in no way racist. They were poorly chosen words perhaps but I don't think there was anything directly racist in them. If you look at statistics there is a greater probability of getting mugged alone late at night near fairway than there is in front of West Side. It's unfortunate, but it's a fact.

    Some of us live in cities where this is the case. That we are conscious of a history of inequality and exploitation that produces these kinds of racial divides does not make us implicitly racist. Get over yourself

  13. ummmm  

    ok so li come from the ultimate land of bros, and i hate to go against popular opinion, cause popular opinion is usually always the right opinion. however, in my expert opinion of bro-dom combined with my knowledge of george krebs and his wonderful hugs, i'm pretty sure that george is not a bro.

  14. what

    ever happened to mike molina running for president?

  15. ...  

    i might vote for cliff, but i hear he's a little bit of a sex freak

  16. mugging?

    Hell yeah you are more likely to be mugged in Manhattanville. Yes, you are more likely to be mugged by a black man, it's all true (check out the Bureau of Justice Statistics sometime, it's a wonderful resource). This is what the Attorney General was talking about today (somewhat): we are a nation of cowards when it comes to race. We don't want to say things like that because it might hurt some feelings, but when we get past it we can finally starting tackling the reasons behind it, including poverty and a culture that glorifies violence.

  17. Well hell,

    I'd vote for mike molina!

  18. D.B.A.  

    Learned Foote?!?! I must be the last person on campus to see this hilarious name. Somebody's father was a lawyer with a cruel sense of humor, it seems.


    I heard that the homeless guy from outside Morton William's is also running.

  20. but  

    cliff has yellow teeth...

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