The deadline may have been pushed back, but candidates have already started to fall into place for CCSC elections, plotting the best ways to invade your life with posters. 

As usual, only some of the major tickets have received challengers (so far). The most competitive race looks to be for senior class president, with many tipping former VP for Campus Life candidate Cliff Massey to take on incumbent A.J. Pascua. Rumors had also been circulating that current CQA president Jeanette Clark was considering a run, but sources close to Clark say she has decided against running. And, like many freshman incumbents, the 2012 class council is apparently being challenged by at least one of the parties it defeated in the fall.

The other two major races, though, look to be uncompetitive: CC ’11 President Learned Foote looks to be unopposed for a third year as class president, though current VP Sara Partridge is departing to study abroad (replaced by class rep Sean Udell). Finally, in the race to replace George Krebs, current CC ’10 VP (and Study Day solver) Sue Yang is closer to cruising in unopposed, with CCSC sources saying that current VP for Campus Life Robyn Burgess is less and less likely to challenge her. A lot could change between now and March 6th, but, on the bright side, the more uncompetitive the races, the earlier you can tune out.