Campus Inundated With Prospective Students

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Perhaps you’ve noticed the upsurge in would-be future Columbians on campus this past week; it’s been difficult not to, since they seem to outnumber pigeons (if only Hawkma could provide us so simple a solution). 

Hordes of hopeful 2013s (and beyond!) are using their spring breaks to get acquainted with Alma, and Bwog has had reports of groups commiting gross human rights violations.  “A tour guide opened my door without asking or knocking and then a good 40 people looked inside my room like I was some sort of zoo animal,” reports freshman Rachel Allen. 

The silver lining?  At least These Economic Times don’t seem to have deterred high schoolers from considering Columbia.  Go Lions!

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  1. 123  

    Spring Break? It's February, are they all from the southern hemisphere?

  2. what the hell?  

    Who is Rachel Allen? Tour guides clearly do not go inside the residence halls during tours.

    • Columbia tour guide  

      Columbia tours don't go inside residence halls but apparently Barnard tour guides have lists of rooms where at least one of the occupants have agreed to let people see their room.

  3. Midwest Love

    It's February Back, a time-honored tradition where those from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and the rest of the Great White North get time off to visit the grandparents in Boca, the slopes in Colorado, and the colleges off of I-95.

  4. Another Long Islander  

    Yeah we have something called "Mid-Winter Recess" every February. It's pretty nice but usually means that our Spring Break is shorter than most.

  5. New Jersey

    NJ public schools have a "Mid-Winter Recess" too, with spring break being in April, since school ends at the end of June.

  6. The Old Dominion  

    Well, back home in Virginia, we've never heard of this 'February Break.' Must be a Yankee invention. After President's Day, we had no break until Spring Break, whose dates varied from year to year, depending on whenever Easter was.

  7. on the west coast  

    we have midwinter break too. I thought it was pretty standard. Apparently not.

  8. joo  

    this is just such a joke.

  9. Pennsylvania  

    Oh, how I'd love a February break, either back in high school or here at Columbia.

    Or, you know. Just having Easter Monday off would be pretty nice, too.

  10. I've also  

    noticed many, many prospective students sitting in on my CC class. Why do they do this to themselves? Also, why don't go to lithum instead?

  11. guido

    have you seen any of my kind around?

  12. future 2013

    The break is indeed a "Winter Recess," celebrating Presidents' Week. The vacation is standard in many northern schools, which unlike southern ones, honor Lincoln's birthday. I've been off all week ;).

    • Oil Man  

      The real reason they have a midwinter recess is to save money on heating costs-- if you close school during the coldest time of the year, you need not spend so much money to heat the buildings.

  13. if anyone cares  

    Most northern public schools get one week off in February for President's week, and one week off in April for Spring Break. However, private schools get a 5 day weekend, or at least I did, for President's Weekend and "Mid-Winter Break" and then 2 weeks in March for Spring Break. And then school is usually done by the end of May, whereas in public schools it customarily finishes by the middle of June. Again, if anyone cares.

    And @ Pennsylvania, my school used to alternate each year between having Good Friday off and having Rosh Hashanah off--talk about Judeo-Christian.

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