A Misty-Eyed Look Back at NYU’s Attempt at Revolution

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Ah, to think it was only a few days ago that TBNYU‘s tame “Study Breakdown” turned into a full-out riot(ous dance party in a cafeteria). Hey, we know about that student mutiny stuff around here, right? You can relive the 36 hours that changed everything, all liveblogged (except when the guy writing it all down went to sleep) by the dedicated team at NYULocal.

The whole shabang was over by lunch on Friday, when everyone involved (except four revolutionary stragglers) had left Kimmel’s 3rd floor, presumably for a Marlboro Light break. In the days since the quasi-revolution, no arrests have been made, some TBNYU-ers lost their housing, and everyone got made fun of a lot.

And just when you thought it was done: there’s a rally outside Kimmel today at noon for all those who feel inclined to support TBNYU members as they face possible disciplinary action at the hands of the Man. Also, they probably want their dorms back. Now that’s something worth protesting.


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  1. photo  

    photo actually a screenshot from the upcoming tv movie "nyu occupied 2: too hip to quit"

  2. umm  

    actually the rally is tuesday at 7pm
    but, of course, bwog is never actually informed. nice going staying on top of shit.
    www.takebacknyu.com to see all the statements of solidarity from people and organizations all over the world. along with videos showing the brutality of the security guards towards the students.
    but bwog won't cover that, will they? oh yeah, because being sympathetic towards a cause instead of crassly insulting anyone involved in activism in any way whatsoever isn't "funny"
    fuck bwog.

    • fuck you

      If you were truly an activist, you would be embarrassed by their actions, as it undermines good, meaningful activism everywhere.

      The methods these punks employed were ultimately counter-productive. Walking around topless holding signs smoking cigarettes isn't going to get you or activists in general any credibility. And their demands had more porky bullshit than the Stimulus Package. Why the fuck would you bring Palestine into an issue about budget transparency? What does Coke in Colombia have to do with Palestine? Most of their issues, on their own, were legitimate. But bundling them together was just embarrassing and buffoonish. This is not how you secure change, and the fact that they left the building after only a verbal promise of negotiation is a testament to their stupidity. It seems to me that these people sat down with a pen and paper and went around a table asking each other what shit they don't like about NYU, came up with a half-assed list, and went nuts. That is NOT activism, that is retardation.

    • Anti-activist  

      Fuck you and all your hippie, leftist friends. People like you give this university a bad name. Your "demands" usually consist of mindless, narrow, and selfish objectives that no one cares about, and of which no one wants to be a part. Go ahead and try occupying South Lawn with tents and try building a giant papier-mache octopus again. I'll be the one there ready to eat a cheeseburger in front of you.

      The 60s ended 40 years ago. Grow the fuck up.

      • oh god  

        grow up?? i'm here saying it's pointless to sit around making fun of people and you're saying "fuck you and your hippie friends!" and acting as if eating a cheeseburger in front of someone is somehow making a statement (? oh no! i bet all the vegetarians will run away and cry!) gimme a break. if anyone needs to grow up, it's you. get over whatever strange personal problem you have with these people and learn to live your life without bursting blood vessels over some kids on south lawn.

        http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/feb/14/gaza-student-protests and hey! look! occupations that actually brought about change!

  3. ...  

    this nyu "controversy" sucks. as opposed to the last one, when they had their "find the illegal immigrant" game. i was all set with my "illegal aliens ate my trust fund" sign, but then i had to work. *sigh*

  4. fuck you too  

    uhh no, i would provide constructive criticism for the parts of their campaign that i found to be ineffective or harmful towards their cause, but i wouldnt sit my ass on a high horse and point and laugh and give "style tips" to them and make dumb jokes about them smoking Marlboro Lights. the fact that some people just can't keep their cool and have to shit 50 pound bricks over some kids taking over a building is just sad. they're not defending "good, meaningful activism anywhere", they're just looking for the next group of kids to make fun of on the internet. and this post is just one of the many many posts where bwog derrides any activists in the NYC area.

    • the point about

      Marlboro lights is to point out the hypocrisy of advocating corporate responsibility and dealing only with ethical companies, while smoking a product created by the most unethical of all kinds of companies.

      And so what if Bwog is shitting on them? Bwog isn't here to provide constructive criticism, because this attempt does not merit it. And I'm sorry but 1968 showed that "some kids taking over a building" can be a little more significant than that, and shows complete disregard for the interests of fellow students. They deserve all the poop bricks that fall on their heads.

  5. what activist

    places amnesty at the top of their list of demands? we can debate the merits of last year's hunger strike, but surely the strikers were motivated by something other than self-preservation. TBNYU strikes this reader as a half-baked group with too long a laundry-list and too little self-respect.

  6. This picture...  

    ...looks like something off of SNL. Please tell me that someone else sees it.

  7. ...

    there is nothing wrong with activism.

    there is everything wrong with putting scads of energy into planning and executing a protest and hardly any into formulating a coherent, directed and possibly achievable goal.

    that's why these protesters get so much shit. they haven't bothered to even sort out why exactly they're protesting. in both cases, they've spewed out half-witted, half assed arguments that only serve to show how little time they've actually spent researching and thinking about their cause.

    yes, the world is fucked up. and yes, activism can work. but not if you're too damn lazy to do the damn homework first.

  8. Owie! Mom!  

    "You are on camera! You are on camera! Do not use brutality; you are on camera. You may not detain us. You are on camera!"

    I was sort of willing to give these TBNYUers the benefit of the doubt. Then I saw this video.


  9. ...  

    You guys need to chill.

  10. jerks  

    they were actually dragged out of the building forcibly by NYU security guards, who are not supposed to use force on students. so, fuck you bwog, and fuck the media in general for not reporting this shit and listening to what linda brown or whatever that bitch's name is.
    and yeah, the 60s ended 40 years ago. too bad unjust wars, socially irresponsible investing and douchebaggery didn't end then too! wake the fuck up from your upper-class, hampton-beach-house fantasy life and look at the fucking world.

  11. yeah  

    clearly Columbia and NYU are the source of those problems. Lets occupy them - just pick the closest place our frustrations can be channeled.

  12. bob w

    Take Back NYU rocks!

    I love those guys! A team of the world's best comedic screenwriters could not have scripted their pathetic last stand to play out any funnier. Corporate Water???? That's the most patently bourgeois thing I've heard in a long time. Water is bad, Apple is good? Take Back NYU! is going to ruin the Apple brand altogether; Apple is marketed for slackers, NOT hippies.

    And why did Take Back! narrow their goals when they were doing so well and capturing the imagination of the worldwide public? Why not go all the way and fight to achieve federal protection for the Cape Fear River shiner, one of the most endangered fishes in North America? Or demand that the porn industry replace the hurtful "MILF" genre of adult film with the less judgmental "experienced women" title?

    If only they had not been so pragmatic, this really could have been a changed world. . .

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