-Photo via NYULocal

Ah, to think it was only a few days ago that TBNYU‘s tame “Study Breakdown” turned into a full-out riot(ous dance party in a cafeteria). Hey, we know about that student mutiny stuff around here, right? You can relive the 36 hours that changed everything, all liveblogged (except when the guy writing it all down went to sleep) by the dedicated team at NYULocal.

The whole shabang was over by lunch on Friday, when everyone involved (except four revolutionary stragglers) had left Kimmel’s 3rd floor, presumably for a Marlboro Light break. In the days since the quasi-revolution, no arrests have been made, some TBNYU-ers lost their housing, and everyone got made fun of a lot.

And just when you thought it was done: there’s a rally outside Kimmel today at noon for all those who feel inclined to support TBNYU members as they face possible disciplinary action at the hands of the Man. Also, they probably want their dorms back. Now that’s something worth protesting.