Start Freaking Out About Housing…Now!

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Housing buzz began this afternoon in earnest when prospective Living-Learning Center residents were emailed acceptance and rejection letters from Scott Helfrich, the Associate Director of Residential Programs.

Helfrich, the man who determines the fates of rising sophomores determined not to end up in the McBain shaft and a few juniors and seniors who presumably just like being close to Hamilton, sent out emails at 4 PM today.

Congratulations to all those who have gained entrance to Hartley or Wallach a few days before everyone else has to apply for a lottery number. Online room selection begins on Thursday and lottery numbers are posted online on March 24. The full nerve-wracking housing calendar can be found here. The 2009 housing lottery: get ready to go back on all your promises!

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  1. congrats?

    I guess. LLC is pretty shitty, especially since many other dorms have been renovated

  2. So

    Seniors that want subsidized housing in NY next year should apply, right?

  3. Wait...  

    Congratulations? Congratulations???

    Would you congratulate a person for having sex with their mother? Way to go, Oedipus!

  4. ...  

    scott helfrich is a dumbass

  5. LLC  

    Is good for guaranteed mediocrity. And, given how epically Columbia Housing can screw you over, that is not a bad thing.

    Also, housing still hasn't put up cut-offs and registration begins Thursday. Not surprised.

  6. CC '09  

    I started freaking out about housing long ago...

  7. Surfin' UWS  

    Well, that post made no sense.

    I just want my own room with my own bathroom (again) and maybe my own kitchen; what the hell.

    Is that too much to ask? Is it even possible?

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