It’s truly a tragedy of convenience that, apart from class and free food, the sole reason we leave our rooms is to find out what’s happening on campus.  And what better way to indulge our laziness than to eliminate the flyers that clutter campus walls and move them online?, the first branch of a site with national ambitions, attempts to do just that. Its mission is to “replace those useless and wasteful posters” with what the site terms “event based social networking,” say its Columbia caretakers, Michael Vitrano and RJ Assaly, CC and SEAS ’12 respectively. (Vitrano and Assaly also say they weren’t aware of the existence of the strikingly similar CampusPlaybook–or the short-lived CampusBoxOffice–before launching PostATime).

Upon creating an account, Bwog found that the site was quite easy to use.  Plus, the interface is quite intuitive for users of CubMail or MySpace.

Actually, the site looks strangely similar to CubMail and MySpace.  A comparison and further discussion, after the jump.

Apart from the (uncredited?) use of the Columbia homepage logo, the home page looks very familiar:


Compared to MySpace:

And, for the sake of comparison, here’s Bwog’s (unused) Cubmail: 

Although perhaps it’s just something generically Columbian: