Today, as you sit in your lecture and scour the internet for something, anything, to distract you, Bwog suggests browsing the treasure trove of old time-y Morningside Heights and Columbia campus photographs here. Aside from the terrifying image on the right, one can find dozens of pictures of a Columbia your blessed legacy-bearing great-grandparents told you about, including South Field as football field, Low rising from some sort of forest-y marshland, and, more recently, Philip Petit on the high wire above St. John the Divine. Harken back to the days where you could park on College Walk, and marvel at the 1990 plans for East Campus Towers and the never-built Riverside Park Stadium.

The website was created by West 112th Street Block Association in 1996 and is maintained by Barbara Hohol, Jack Arbo and Ian Fletcher, who have collected and taken many of the site’s pictures. If class still drags on and Facebook hasn’t provided a status update for minutes, look at the list of the Heights’ famous residents. Like, Dustin Hoffman lived on 109th Street! That’s, like, the same street as Obama!