Youngster Threatens Passers-by with Awesome Hat

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Bwog’s Associate Child Wrangler and Grassy Median Monitor Austin Brauser spotted a small person hiding in the brush on College Walk.

Are the British back?  Is he a CUAssassin? 

Don’t be alarmed – he’s probably just defending himself from stressed-out Columbians.

After the jump: Young person threatens cameraman.


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  1. EAL  

    Well I for one would welcome the British back with open arms.

  2. Thats  

    My next door neighbor at home

  3. yo bwog  

    hawkma is in the tree between lowe and la maison francais... looks like he's vying the hipsters as usual

  4. 3rd Amendment Enthusiast  

    You shouldn't be letting anyone like that into your home.

  5. wow  

    that is incredibly adorable

  6. sherman edwards

    Kudos for the 1776 references!

  7. i loveeee  

    this kid. what a cutie!

  8. all together now  


  9. ALERT

    I dunno if you mentioned this, Bwog, but Vine/Swish doesn't have their bubble tea stand...

    ...cuz it got moved to OLLIE'S???

    (The bubble tea menu in Ollie's even has "Caffe Swish" in it too - are they all run by one company??)

  10. 2150  

    i love funny hats!

  11. i am not mr seas  

    yayyyyyyyy austin!

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