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That snickering you hear coming out of 125 Wallach is the Housing Office enjoying its latest joke. You may think room registration for next year ends tomorrow at 5:00, since that’s what it says on the calendar, but that’s only for the lonely. If you’re entering as a group, your deadline is 5:00 today 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, because of the waiting period to add a group member.

Those housing people, how they like their chuckles! Pull your deadbeat friends out of their lectures, slap laptops in their hands, and submit your applications unless you want your dream suite in Ruggles to turn into eight strangers, each on a different floor of Wien.

UPDATE: Housing has a special six-hour turnaround tomorrow, so that you only need to not forget your group application before 11:00 a.m.

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    We're 3 people (1 rising juniors, 2 rising sophomores) looking to get a suite next year. This means we have two spots that need filling.

    Being brought to the table: 1 guy, 2 girls

    • 1 awesome cook
    • 1 proverbial nice guy
    • 1 anal-retentive cleaner who’s afraid of confrontation

    3 relaxed and genuinely nice people.

    Why would YOU want to live with a bunch of sophomores and juniors?

    • Because… sometimes its easier to live with strangers than with friends.
    • Because… you’ve been hanging out with the same people since 2006 and it’s time for a change (America!)
    • Because… one of us has a Wii and you just feel the need to learn some humility next year?
    • Because… I don’t know…you’re still reading this ad for some reason.

    Plus we don’t all know each other that well so bonding will be awkward and progressive for everybody. Yay!

    Please contact: [email protected]

  2. WHAT???  

    Are you serious Bwog????? This is nowhere on the housing calender. If it weren't for you I'd be blissfully unaware.

  3. ummmm  

    Is that only so that you make the 24hr wait period?

  4. boooo  


    hate this school.

    i mean i love it. but also, booo.

    a revolution is coming.

  5. how  

    did bwog find this out?

  6. WHAT THE FUCK!?  

    How does Bwog know? You'd think if there were a difference for group and single registration, there'd be some specified difference on the site.

    So could we get a link or some sort of verification?


    I was at housing earlier today and they said they shortened the wait period to 6 hours. This means that just before 11 a.m. tomorrow is the deadline.

  8. grrrr  

    housing is quite possibly the most incompetent department at this university, and it's gotten progressively worse every year.

    I took my sophomore year off in 06-07 and was guaranteed housing upon my return. Immediately when I got back, I was whisked into the housing office. Ten minutes later, I walked out with the key to a sweet, sweet ninth floor Furnald single.

    At the end of the year, I entered room selection without a hitch and got slapped with a horrible lottery number and subsequent crappy room in Wien, which I applied for summer transfer out of. After explicitly stating that I would rather stay in the room that I'd been assigned than be moved into a room anywhere near it, I received a summer transfer assignment for the exact same room, six floors up. Thanks, housing. A few weeks ago, I read the cutoff dates posted. According to those (false) numbers, I could have gotten a single in Nussbaum, Schapiro, or even River!

    Cut to this year. After two years of relatively uneventful, problem-free registration and room selection, I log on to register for group selection and am told that I am not qualified to live in housing for the academic year! I run over to housing and they explain that they don't know whether or not I was guaranteed housing after my year off. I tell them that I've had absolutely no problem for the last two years, and they tell me that they can't do anything about it until Monday and then refuse to tell me why, after two uneventful registrations, that this is suddenly a problem. I remain polite and collected but let them know that I'm upset, and they e-mail me a few hours later telling me that I can register. So I log on again, and this time the computer tells me that even though I'm a rising senior, my point value is only 20! I email housing about this and they email back saying that my number is 20 because point value is determined by how many terms you've lived in housing, and because i took a year off my standing with housing is that of a junior. Sorry. I then reminded housing that a year off doesn't equal a year spent at another school - that would be called a 'transfer' - and that I've been in housing for six terms like every other rising senior. They reply back 'oops, my bad!' and change my number back to 30 and don't even apologize for wrongly putting me through the wringer.

    Staff that don't keep track of information, don't know their own policies, and can't do math! Glad to be done with you, housing. I apologize for the tangential rant, but this department has instilled within me a seething anger.

  9. info pleez!  

    dear bwog:
    could you please find out why the fuck there is a waiting period? it's incredibly stupid, not to mention annoying.

  10. seconded  

    dear bwog,

    could you please find out the length of this waiting period and maybe possibly get a definitive deadline for group housing. The housing app says 6 hours but their stated deadline is 3/10/2009. WTF HOUSING WHY??

  11. insider  

    Bwog, where did you get this information from??? I've asked someone in housing and, though that person was unsure, it seems that this post is completely false.

  12. hey dumbasses  

    this post is completely false. the deadline to FINISH your application is still tomorrow.

    the deadline to ADD SOMEONE TO A GROUP is 5:00 today.

    facts, bwog, facts.

  13. this is wrong  

    I emailed housing, and here's what they said:

    "Thanks for your email! Originally there was a 24 hour delay which would have put the deadline to create a group at 5pm today. However, in order to accommodate the last minute groups being formed, we reduced the delay to 6 hours. As you have said, this means that groups can still be created this evening and tomorrow morning before 11 AM"

    Way to freak everyone out for no reason.

  14. Yeah!  

    Thanks a lot bwog. Housing still sucks.

  15. Are you kidding me?!  

    I walked out of a midterm review session because of this!!

    Bwog I swear to GOD I will find you and go Chris Brown on your face!


    Too soon?

  16. dantesez  

    pretty much everyone that works in housing should be condemned to the lowest ring of hell

  17. WANTED: two sophomores  

    we (three senior guys) are looking for two sophomores (or anyone who wouldn't mind living in an exclusion double

    email: [email protected] for more info

  18. LOL  

    Number 16 you cracked me up!

  19. GSer  

    UAH is no better -- I got an email sent to an address I have not used for two years giving me congrats on graduating and reminding me to return my housing -- problem is I am nowhere close to finishing and I still have my housing for up to three more years. And they didn't even send it to my UNI address. What the...???

  20. you know...  

    if you miss the confirmation time deadline (6 hours now) you can always walk over to 125 hartley to get it fixed.

    had to do that freshman year to get an 8-person group registered for Ruggles... which we didn't get. we all ended up in wien.


  21. site glitch?

    anybody else have this problem?¤t=noapplication.jpg

    everytime i logged into the registration page, that button that says "application" in red letters was mysteriously not there. hours later, i checked again and poof - there. but then, it was gone again.

    can anyone explain it to me?

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