1020The neighborhood is already losing one fine establishment, and now another is in trouble with The Man: tipsters confirm that old standby 1020 was raided hit by an NYPD sting operation last night. 

According to patrons, three cops showed up with fake IDs, and proceeded to fine 1020 $10,000. No word on whether there were any other penalties, or how close Morningside is to losing yet another watering hole, but it might not be a good idea to test your new fake there for the next  few weeks. 

UPDATE (9:00 PM): A 1020 staff member got in touch with Bwog to correct the record a little, telling us that the sting operation occurred before 10 (when 1020 puts a bouncer on the door). Rather than fakes, the bartender simply forgot to check IDs, and any fine assessed will occur after a court appearance.

–JCD, photo by AB