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1020The neighborhood is already losing one fine establishment, and now another is in trouble with The Man: tipsters confirm that old standby 1020 was raided hit by an NYPD sting operation last night. 

According to patrons, three cops showed up with fake IDs, and proceeded to fine 1020 $10,000. No word on whether there were any other penalties, or how close Morningside is to losing yet another watering hole, but it might not be a good idea to test your new fake there for the next  few weeks. 

UPDATE (9:00 PM): A 1020 staff member got in touch with Bwog to correct the record a little, telling us that the sting operation occurred before 10 (when 1020 puts a bouncer on the door). Rather than fakes, the bartender simply forgot to check IDs, and any fine assessed will occur after a court appearance.

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  1. please  

    oh god. no.


  2. waaaaaaaa



    I'm just gonna get drunk in my room

  3. This just  

    leads me to wonder:

    how old did the cops appear to be?
    exactly how shitty were these fakes so that the bartender couldn't feign ignorance?

  4. ???  

    What time did this happen? I was there almost till closing and it was normal...

    • as it would be  

      because the cops would speak with the manager after the poorly termed "raid" and serve him notice of the fine. It would not be shut down immediately or anything like that. Also since it was a sting obviously the officers were undercover. So you would have no real way of noticing.

  5. Hey AMERICA!  

    18, not 21.


  6. any guy  

    i think the cops should be busted for possessing fake ids!! fight the power!!!

    • if only!  

      Possession of fake IDs is not necessarily a crime (unless perhaps it is a fake passport). That's why some sites are able to sell 'novelty' IDs 'for novelty use only' (much the same way you bought a 'water pipe' in that West Village shop, not a bong.

      The crime comes in trying to purchase alcohol with one - and yes, that IS a felony offense in New York if you get caught.

  7. arghh  

    fuck the po-lice

  8. nypd  

    they should just raid and close cannons

    leave the good bars alone

  9. naw,

    Cuz then you'd have all the football bros and stanky hos at the good bars

  10. Anonymous  

    agent provocateurs gotta drink too.

  11. bullshit  

    You'd think the po would have bigger things to worry about- especially considering the proximity of Morningside Park...

    • what  

      are you talking about!?!? underage drinking is the biggest problem we have in this city! all of those teenage degenerates running around, screwing things up, unlike those murderers and rapists.

  12. 1020


  13. lolol  

    did mat mukkada fuck this up?

  14. WRONG  

    the fine was not $10,000 and it was not really a raid, it was a sting. these things go to court, and the bartender who got the fine will be accompanied by 1020's lawyer. there were no fake IDs involved--it was two cops and a trainee who was underage, and the bartender served all three.
    y'all need some better tipsters.

  15. what a bunch  

    of worthless fcks, next they'll pull me up for jay walking and then it'll be because my shirt isn't tucked in. Go find the Bernie Madoffs and the OJ simpsons of the world dipshts.

  16. seriously though  

    little shop review. best columbia theatre I have ever seen.

  17. Ouch

    I wonder if some bartender lost his or her job.

    On a side note Im curious how the NYPD decides to tackle this. Hmm, muggings, assaults, and murders are way up this year...but you know what the real problem is? Yep, drunk ivy league students; you gotta watch out, they'll rape your grandmother and her dog if they get some liquor in them.

    • oh come on...  

      there are different divisions to the NYPD... some tackle rape, some have more menial things to enforce... i'm not saying that this is an ideal way to divide police force attention, or that this was a good use of police time and effort, but it's not like there was a conscious, individual decision made to ignore more violent crimes for the night and go chill at 1020.

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