Bwog got a tip yesterday that Vine, Swish‘s identical twin replacement, lacks the one thing that everyone seemed to like about Swish, may it rest in peace: bubble tea. Fortunately, as our tipster mentioned, 116th Street’s bubble tea franchise is not gone forever, but merely transported two doors down to Ollie’s.

The bubble tea stand occupies a quaint corner, pictured at right, of the ever-frenzied Ollie’s, but we were assured that all the same flavors and weird tapioca balls have all been transported safely and that nothing has changed from Swish’s bubble tea selection. The reason for the move? Simply that Vine and Ollie’s are owned by the same people. 

So bubble tea enthusiasts may now go about their days with the consolation that they’ll never have to set foot in Cafe 212, filled to the brim with things that make you fat, for a healthy dose of boba.