Bwog has now entered the dictionary and was featured by the New York Times–sort of. Thanks to a tip from a handy-dandy commenter, we discovered a NYT blog post on vocabulary introducing ‘unbwogable‘ into the English lexicon. According to the post:

‘Unbwogable (adj): unshakable or indomitable–from the Kenyan word bwogo, meaning scare or shake.’

The word is used in Kenya to describe Barack Obama, which is weird since we have found him very bwogable.

It turns out that use of unbwogable extends beyond our 44th President. There is the unbwogable blog, which has just been bwogged, and a song by the Kenyan hip-hop group Gidi Gidi Maji Maji titled Unbwogable, which has also now been proven incorrect.

We eagerly await the first proper use of unbwogable. In the meantime, several staff members are recovering from an overdose of “meta.”