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After scribbling the final sentences in your Blue Book today, if you’re too tired for a night on the town, Bwog has a couple of post-midterm couch potato recommendations.

Jim Cramer, who made a slight error in a prediction about Bear Sterns last year, has been in a cable TV cat fight with the Daily Show. After many potshots back and forth, Cramer is appearing tonight on the Daily Show, which will make for good viewing.

Also, at 7:30 in Lerner, there is a free advance screening of Adventureland, which is, essentially, Superbad set in the eighties. Pick up tickets at the CU Arts desk. The film’s producer Anne Carey will be on hand for a Q&A after the film, since everyone will have probing questions about all the dick jokes.


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  • game point and match says:

    @game point and match stewart

    jim cramer got bitchslapped and spent the entire interview looking like a scared little kid… constantly backpedaling and with absolutely none of his usual swagger

  • lol says:

    @lol watch the Outtakes on the

    Jon ripped him a new one. It was great but too harsh imo. I have watched CNBC fairly regularly in the past and I don’t think anyone making a decision about their money would take anything CNBC takes at face value, and Cramer is always clear about doing your homework before taking his advice. Still, I think Santelli was out of line and there is something to be said about news networks fueling a speed culture on wall street.

  • typo says:

    @typo No hyphen in blow-hard.

  • opinion says:

    @opinion Cramer has an arrogant streak, and demonstrably made some grossly mistaken predictions, although he was by no means the only one to make them. He also has a tendency to talk down to his audience– to revel in the fact that his financial literacy far surpasses that of any amateur investor, and to use that fact to cultivate a cult of blind followers. But Stewart is an absolute idiot and blow-hard, has an arrogance which knows no bounds, and revels in the fact that his audience is comprised mostly of arrogant fools like himself and blind sheep just waiting to be told exactly how to think. I’m rooting for Cramer.

    1. yeah... says:

      @yeah... so you rail on Stewart’s arrogance while arrogantly claiming that anyone who watches that show is arrogant. Nice.

      The Daily Show is a great show and Jon brings some keen insight to news pieces that would otherwise be taken for granted.

      1. Well, says:

        @Well, some arrogance is always inherent to labeling arrogance, and some lack of independence inherent to not. It’s true– the show does bring insight into things that would sometimes go unnoticed, mainly because it collates the coverage on all of the other networks and reveals strains of collective mentality. But the strain of smug superiority that the show markets becomes stupid and absurd after a while. Jon, with whom I’m not on first name basis of course, acts as if he’s the only one in the world that’s not immune to failures of predictive power, verbal gaffes, intellectual inadequacies, or ideological flaw, and he couldn’t be further from the truth. His smugness is sometimes so unwarranted that it’s ridiculous. Have you ever noticed, by the way, how easy so many of his interviews are on his guests– not just those that he likes or worships, but also those that his ideology would lend him to disagree with. And he almost never speaks with them on the issues of disagreement. It is only when he is a battle of egos with someone that he becomes particularly recalcitrant, and he’s always selective in choosing those with whom he wants to battle. Ultimately, it only proves the capability of his research staff and the power of having troves of records and never having to make any proposal or offer advice, hold any responsibility or authority, or say anything that isn’t in response to something that someone else said. Anyway, he’s infinitely more insightful and more funny than Colbert, who doesn’t even try to be consistent in that which he parodies.

        1. ions says:

          @ions wow thanks for such a detailed analysis of every facet of the daily show and colbert.. for someone who dislikes both you sure do seem to watch a lot if you know so much about them! LOL
          oh and you need a life, that comment was far too long for its own good

        2. I think says:

          @I think you’re just reacting to the Cramer interview. I don’t think Stewart is smug or arrogant at all in most interviews, and shows a lot of deference to his guests. Stewart goes easy on his guests but of course he does – he’s a comedian and an entertainer on comedy central; its the real media pundits that have a responsibility to ask tough questions? So what happened with Cramer?

          I watch a lot of the Daily Show, and the only times I’ve seen Stewart go on the offensive during an interview was Cramer, Chris Matthews, Dough Feith and of course when he was a guest on Crossfire. Though to be fair, the attack on Matthews was really an attack on his silly book, and the interview with Feith was never aggressive – it was respectful.

          You could say all those guests had big egos, and Stewart likes to take people down a notch. But really I think Stewart gets irritated when the media fuels a political phenomenon that he feels strongly about. For example, Jon feels strongly about the partisanship and the pettiness of Washington and felt that Crossfire was fueling it, representing a state of affairs that mimics the conduct of politicians rather than people.

          Similarly, with Cramer, I think this was Stewart channeling out his frustration with a perceived failure of financial journalists in tackling the subprime crisis and similarly mimicking a state of affairs that reflects and caters to Wall Street rather than the average long-term investor. And obviously Rick Santelli being the mother of all douches, really crystallized that image, booing “loser mortgage holders” with traders on the floor while most believe that they created the mess. It’s a shame Cramer had to take the fall for CNBC, and Jon did overdo it; however hopefully CNBC will take the chastisement seriously and start asking some tough questions to their guests.

          Yes I watch too much Daily Show.

  • jim cramer says:

    @jim cramer was my soccer coach

    go new jersey

  • we are says:

    @we are so anal

  • bwog says:

    @bwog might i suggest you create a form or something like that to report typos, errors, or suggestions for each story instead of having so many otherwise unrelated comments?

    1. ohh says:

      @ohh good idea. plus, if the form gets sent directly to the editors, it will hopefully solve the problem more quickly.

  • typo 2 says:

    @typo 2 slight error *in* a prediction

    (still love you bwog)

  • typo says:

    @typo Cramer, not Kramer, as indicated by the picture you posted.

    Midterms making you sloppy, Bwog?

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