Butler Bites

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butler grate holeWatch your step in front of Butler tonight – the forces of nature have opened a cavernous pit by the main entrance.  One of the grates by the wall collapsed.

Public Safety assured our tipster that no one had fallen in. 

Good thing, too, otherwise they might have found Columbia’s secret gold vault.




Photo by Aryeh Hillman

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  1. great  

    now I'm DEFINITELY going to trip when I walk in front of butler and instead of the awkward toe-stubbing it's "take on me" into another subdimension of butler

  2. wow  

    and when you thought the but couldn't get any deeper, it opens up another hole. ah, how many shall thee claim from humanity!

  3. elephant in the room  

    The But-hole.

  4. yay  

    when i was walking past this, i was hoping there'd be an article on bwog. thanks, bwog!

  5. OH I get it!  

    It symbolizes the growing hole in our souls due to UW.

    performance art is awesome.

  6. its like  

    in the third Indiana Jones movie where he breaks open the floor of the library and goes into that crypt. Do you think there's a templar buried down there?

  7. hmmm  

    weird. because i saw some kid playing with the grate like 30min before they put up the caution tape...

  8. Bwog  

    Make #3 a Favorite Comment right now. Please.

  9. gold?  

    hmm...what do you mean by "gold" ?

  10. screw all this...

    ...what the hell is wrong with CubMail? is anyone else getting kicked off after one click-through? wtf?

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