And How Hard Were Your College Apps?

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We know that almost all of us had to overcome something to get to Columbia, but let’s be honest: some had to overcome more than others.

As the first example of this, the New York Times presents Carrie Montgomery, a new member of the class of 2013, and one of twelve Times scholars this year. Despite growing up in the South Bronxwith 9 siblings and an ailing single mom, Montgomery maintained a 95.6 average in four years at the Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice, and now joins a group of 12 that will recieve $30,000, a laptop, and (perhaps just as precious in this economy) a guaranteed internship at the Times.

The Times reports that Carrie wants to be a lawyer, and hopes to write an autobiography some day to encourage young people like herself to work hard and succeed despite their backgrounds. We’d say she’s off to a good start. (photo via the Times)

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  1. right on.  

    warms my heart.

  2. agreed  

    touching stories all -- it's good to be reminded of what a fucking gift going to this place really is ... I am deeply humbled by some of these kids and will do my best not to squander my (fleeting) time at this place

  3. The girl

    The girl living on $10 a month is outstanding. They're all outstanding. Mind blown.

  4. these kids  

    are badasses. congrats to all.

  5. ddd  

    affirmative action :(

  6. averagecolumbian  

    we need more kids like these who knows the value of education. unlike the toolbag above me.

  7. ???  

    Why would anyone want to come here?

  8. Dominique  

    She seems awesome, and is representing the Boogie-down!

  9. yea

    bravo to these kids. their stories always sound like life was no fucking picnic whatsoever. i hope that the rest of the ridiculously high price of college gets covered by financial aid.

  10. hmmm  

    doesn't sound like the typical Columbia kid...i come from one of the richest counties (highest median income) and i feel poor here

    congrats and hope the mom gets better

  11. 2010  

    holy goodness. that is so crazy... jesus I feel like a tool now when i complain about my highschool experience. CONGRATS!!! our Columbia bubble helps us forget that people have legitimate hardships. I'm really proud we're going to have a winner at our school!

  12. congrats  

    to these kids, who have gotten here against the odds, and who will appreciate the value of a Columbia education more than most kids here.

    And congratulations to the NYT, who to their credit aren't letting nationality precede merit, unlike Congress and the Senate.

  13. Dear Bwog  

    I love you, I do. But please learn how to spell "receive". Thank you

  14. amazed  

    Reading this article makes me feel ashamed about my own life; it is hard to imagine that these students were able to put themselves through such hardships and succeed in the end astounds me. My heart goes out to them; they truly deserved to get this scholarship. Bravo!

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