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ESC election results are out, and the new senior class president is Heather Lee, who won (uncontested) with a whopping 191 votes. Lee will be joined by Joffre Andrade as VP and Stanley Chen and Varun Gulati as Class Representatives. 

The 2011 Class President will be Kamal Yechoor, with candidates from his party, Synergy, filling in the rest of the 2011 positions. The Fu My Life party won a similar landslide in the 2012 elections, making Judy Kim your sophomore President.

Find the announcement email after the jump (Bwog has inserted in parentheses all available vote tallies for both winning and defeated candidates).


Hi Everyone!!

The time to release the election results is here!!  But, before I disclose the winners, I would like to thank each and every candidate for dedicating your time and interest towards this election.  This was a VERY close election and you have all done an incredible job campaigning.  We look forward to working with the elected members on council next year and for those that did not win, please stay connected and involved with the council by joining ESC committees and/or your class council.  You are all incredibly valuable assets to the engineering student body and we would very much like you to continue impacting SEAS in a positive way.

Now, on behalf of the Engineering Student Council, I would like to congratulate the newly elected members of the ESC:

2010 Senior Class President – Heather Lee (191)

2010 Senior Class Vice President – Joffre Andrade (172)

2010 Senior Class Representative – Stanley Chen (102)

2010 Senior Class Representative – Varun Gulati (99)

(Austin Brauser – 93; Liza John – 77)

2011 Junior Class President – Kamal Yechoor (106)

2011 Junior Class Vice President – Dana Ibarra (133)

2011 Junior Class Representative – Albert Miller (149)

2011 Junior Class Representative – Epsita Hoque (129)

(Kim Lipman White – 68)

2012 Sophomore Class President – Judy Kim (107)

2012 Sophomore Class Vice President – Santosh Balachandar (109)

2012 Sophomore Class Representative – Spencer Almen (111)

2012 Sophomore Class Representative – Mailing Wu (83)

(Tianning Mary Ye – 57; Katherine Bell – 40; Aman Eyasu – 60; Rebecca Frauzem – 53; Eric Tang – 46; Ben Ye – 44)

Senator – Eric Hirani (327)

Alumni Affairs and Professional Development Representative – Ini Li (240)

Academic Affairs Representative – Mike Wymbs (468)

Student Services Representative – Nathan Lee (433)

CCSC Liaison – Jennifer Vettel

GSSC Liaison – Nathan Levick

SGA Liaison – Jessica Lewis

(Sahil Shah – 116)

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  1. bwog  

    bwog just called Kamal a girl..."The 2011 Class President will be Kamal Yechoor, with candidates from her party, Synergy"

  2. Her party?  

    Kamal? Female?

  3. Baby Protector  



  4. SEAS 2011 & 2010  

    will be just as useless as they have been for the past two years now...hooray.

  5. nope  

    Kamal is all man.

  6. yup  

    2011 will be useless... 2010 will be good I think

  7. ummm  

    The email only had names. The numbers generally are kept private from media to avoid embarrassing anyone who may not have gotten all the votes they could have...

    Not cool, Bwog

  8. not necessary  

    Agreed with #7...it is not necessary to post the number of votes...

    • disagree  

      i don't see why the hell not. the point of transparency IS to disclose things people might not feel comfortable disclosing...and ESC is already way to secretive and insular. KUDOS to Bwog

  9. why not  

    In a previous ESC election, one of the candidates for an uncontested position only got 40% of the total votes while other candidates for uncontested positions got 80%. We have the right to know how much public support an elected representative has. Plus you shouldn't be running for student council in the first place if you want to avoid "embarrassment" in campus media.

  10. WOOOO


    Kamal eats babies.

  11. and  

    they're meant to be released. Don't you want to know the percentages?

  12. 191 votes  

    and uncontested? Not bad

  13. NOOOOOO  



  14. NOOOO  

    HOW IS AUSTIN NOT wIN??????????????

  15. Kamal's real name  

    is Toolbags McGee

  16. Angry Black Man  

    ESC does nothing anyway. In fact, student council does nothing and then takes all the credit when Columbia institutes a policy it was thinking about years ago. ESC is the charmin that wipes my ass and the shit from comes from it. It also sucks that Austin didn't win. Goes to show how student council is (as always) A CLIQUE! Thus, to finish, middle finger to my new student government board.

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