Attractive Columbians Finally Get Attention

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The New York Post knows what’s up. Yesterday, the Post featured on their website entitled, not-so-subtly, “Student Bodies”, featuring the 50 hottest college students in New York City. We found two of our own among this jumble of PYTs: Anthony Castellanos, CC ’09, and Sabina Barbulea, BC ’10. 

In order to stand out amongst a sea of Gansevoort Hotel-haunting Pace, Fordham and F.I.T students, Castellanos and Barbulea revealed what makes them sexy. Castellanos, a dance major, chalks up his sex appeal to his “hard and muscular” legs. He also likes science fiction. Barbulea brags that she can speak “Romanian, Spanish, and French. You could say I’m a bit of a cunning linguist.” Ohh, we get it!  

Congratulations, Anthony and Sabina. You’re attractive enough for the other 4,098 6,926 of us.  



  1. Uh.  

    Finally; concrete goals for the end of the semester.

    Ah, Facebook. Whatever did we do before you?

  2. Gross  

    Bwog, you're disgusting me. Between the vaguely-sinister comments above me and the mention of Anthony's legs, I'm feeling a little sick. Thanks for that.

  3. just because

    you can speak a few languages, that doesn't make you a linguist. ARGH

  4. ....  

    "My legs are hard and muscular from dancing and my lips are big and I know how to use them," boasts the buff dancer, who also thinks his nerdy side is sexy. "I'm a huge science fiction fan and I have a Wii, Gamecube, Playstation and a Nintendo DS in my dorm room."


    • Scratch that.  

      Douche does have a face, who knew?

      I'm sorry but objectively speaking, there are hotter guys here. Without such a strong sleaze vibe as the one in that picture.

      Looks like something you'd see wearing sunglasses inside a club with a popped collar.

  5. eew  

    wow...the nyp pics look like soft core porn

  6. disappointed  

    These are the 50 hottest kids in NYC? It's not just Columbia-googles, it's NYC goggles? Sabina is not bad looking though.

  7. Anonymous  


    real gamers aren't nintendo fanboys :)

    And I hope he has Dune in his bookshelf.

  8. What is  

    happening outside, Bwog?

  9. Alum

    Saying "the other 4,098 of us" implies that all of us -- including Castellanos and Barbulea -- attend the College. Given that Barbulea is a Barnard junior, this is obviously not true.

    Other readers -- most of them presumably current CC students -- jumped on me the last time I noted Bwog's CC-student-centeredness. Maybe it will happen again. But Bwog relies on a readership of more than just current CC students. Asking it to acknowledge that the rest of us exist seems pretty reasonable to me.

    • lol  

      don't cry yourself to sleep about it. Bwog's EIC last year was a Barnard student, and they have traditionally had 1-2 seas kids, I think, at least on the IT side.

    • James  

      Hey alum, apologies - we've corrected that stat, and we'll remember in the future.

      • Alum

        Thanks, but your number still seems about 1,000 too low. CC has about 4,200 students, while Barnard has about 2,300 and SEAS has about 1,500 undergrads. That adds up to about 8,000, and it doesn't even include GS. Then there are grad students, alumni, faculty, staff, applicants, neighbors, etc.

        • wow...  

          are you serious? sorry, but bwog is compiled by undergrads, and geared toward undergrads (of which CC is the majority). the rest of you are just creepers.

          • Alum

            Even so, Columbia has more than 6,928 undergrads. That's probably the total (more or less) for CC, SEAS and GS, but what about Barnard? The article refers to a Barnard student as one of "us", so they should be included in the count.

  10. sigh

    This article makes me

    1) hate everything
    2) glad I've left NY and college
    3) realize why the rest of the city hates us.

  11. i'm gay

    ... and i still don't find him hot -- at all!

  12. i personally

    dont think sabina is that hot either..i could name 200 girls before here that come to mind from barnard

  13. anthony castellanos?

    .... ugh, as if!

  14. ewwwwww  

    wow, they are all really really ugly and fake

  15. Yeah  

    Those people (none of them) belong in the 50 hottest...but the CU kids are cuties.

  16. So did

    the Post just creepily hang out at every college in New York, staring at everyone and approaching the people they thought were hot?

    Because thats just wrong.

  17. I have to agree

    Well I'm another guy and I say it definitely easier to fuck a Barnard girl the first night. Its gonna be so difficult to find a girl after I graduate without putting an effort. Fuck I wish the Barnard campus moved to Texas with me

  18. you're wrong

    I think Sabina is beautiful... you're all crazy!

  19. stop hating

    yo, most of you are haters, these kids get a chance to shine a bit and everyone is hating on them. you don't know this girl, so stop hating, just shows how low some of you think of yourselves. i've met sabina a few times and she's really nice, just trying to have some fun with an article. relax everyone

  20. sexyvixen5  

    barbulea is a sweetheart! and a hottie w a body

  21. wtf  

    who the f--- cares, bottom line is that sabina is hot.

  22. well she sounds really

    insecure from that comment she made, like seriously i speak three langauges blah blah blah

  23. Any girl  

    that is as damn sexy and confident as Sabina aint' gonna lose sleep over a bunch of bwog haters. She's the only hot girl in that article.

  24. I agree

    I couldn't agree more... Sabina is way too hot for any of you fools

  25. s dot  

    Sabina is legit the nicest girl i've ever met. if u spent five minutes talkin to her rather than staring at her u'd know that. but hey can't blame ya, staring at her ain't so bad.

  26. you are all just jealous

    read the subject line. you all have no right to talk since im sure she's way hotter than all yall.

  27. how did they even go

    about picking these people? and btw speaking 3 languages doesn't make you a linguist

  28. telling it how it is  

    sabina is a gem and has tremendous self confidence -- likely the reason she signed up to be a part of the piece to begin with.

    go girl!

  29. hahaha

    haha bean this is so funny and adorable. =)
    ps this will be my only smiley ever. x

  30. retarded kids  

    how do u go this far in life without knowing what a cunning linguist is?!? jokes on u. go on living ur retarded lives.

  31. just so you know  

    sabina is fabulous, you wish you were half as good looking and smart as she is

  32. nypsucks  

    sabina is a beautiful person and not trashy like those other girls. and they probably made her say some dumbass line so the nyp could have a quote.

  33. Binabar Fan#1

    Glad Sabina made it on to the list of 50. She is one of the gems at Columbia, and good for her to have the confidence to go out and do this.

  34. haha its quite

    sad that all her friends are out here defending her (as is evident from the nicknames that they call her such as binabar or "bean"). Have you ever thought that maybe she was insecure with herself that she decided to go and do it because she wanted to feel "special" or "pretty." I see this as the opposite, as her using this as a confidence booster

  35. maybe double entendre?  

    to those of you idiots who don't understand the word play and you are arguing that speaking 4 languages fluently doesn't make you a linguist:


    p.s. shut up. you're embarrassing yourself/selves

  36. how long

    have they been dating?????????????

  37. Clearly Confident

    It takes alot of guts to put yourself out there like these two have, and I applaud them for that. Anthony is a real sweet guy, and Sabina is amazing. Props to them both. I just dont buy the insecurity thing - and to comment #49, newsflash: you suck.

  38. dear clearly

    confident, thats the best you can do ("you suck?")
    why is it cuz you know im right ?

  39. lol  

    Here's an idea

    Every year, sororities hold a pledge-rush, as they normally do. dozens, maybe hundreds of girls in CC, SEAS and BC flap about and try to impress sisters.

    Then Columbia uses the names of those who tried to pledge and promptly boots them out of this university. Juicy-campus types like the 53 troll, who apparently have nothing better to do than gossip and bitch about other girls, really don't deserve to be at an Ivy. Game, set, match.

  40. ugh  

    Can the world be any more artificial?! All these people look so fake!

  41. fernand leger  

    From an objective standpoint Anthony is most certainly not the most attractive boy in our senior class, or less, university as a whole. Sabina maybe cute but there are much hotter girls.

    Not to hate on Anthony since he looks better than I remember him from my sophomore year CC class. But still he's neither the hottest nor cutest dude at Columbia and all this coming from a far more attractive gay man.

  42. fernand leger  

    From an objective standpoint Anthony is certainly not the most attractive boy in our senior class, or less, our university as a whole. Sabina may be cute but there are much hotter girls.

    Not to hate on Anthony since he looks better than I remember him from my sophomore year CC class. But still he's neither the hottest nor cutest dude at Columbia and all this coming from a far more attractive gay man.

  43. bull shit

    none of these people are that attractive and some of them are unattractive.

    it's because attractive people don't have to apply for these stupid ass top 50 lists, they're too busy being hit on by other people.

  44. Anonymous

    Dude that Sabina girl is freakin' HOT! It's hard to find a girl with a gorgeous body and a face to match!

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