The New York Post knows what’s up. Yesterday, the Post featured on their website entitled, not-so-subtly, “Student Bodies”, featuring the 50 hottest college students in New York City. We found two of our own among this jumble of PYTs: Anthony Castellanos, CC ’09, and Sabina Barbulea, BC ’10. 

In order to stand out amongst a sea of Gansevoort Hotel-haunting Pace, Fordham and F.I.T students, Castellanos and Barbulea revealed what makes them sexy. Castellanos, a dance major, chalks up his sex appeal to his “hard and muscular” legs. He also likes science fiction. Barbulea brags that she can speak “Romanian, Spanish, and French. You could say I’m a bit of a cunning linguist.” Ohh, we get it!  

Congratulations, Anthony and Sabina. You’re attractive enough for the other 4,098 6,926 of us.