Chicken and Rice on the StepsSpring is in the air and lovers are marrying on the steps today.  Or, at least, pretending to.  Hangama, the annual Pakistani mock wedding, will be on the steps today from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  They’re already setting up, although no one has yet spotted the majestic white horse that will ride through the gates.

The Chicken and Rice cart (officially “The Halal Guys”), however, is almost done setting up.  The famed questionable combination will be on the steps this evening.  It’s not free, but one tipster associated with the event says the food will be available at a “reduced price.”

And while you’re gorging yourselves, enjoy performances by Bhangra, Taal, Dhoom, and Raas.  It’ll be a good show, so enjoy the mild weather and last bit of freedom before the dash to finals.

Photo by AB