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Fowl Rice for You

Chicken and Rice on the StepsSpring is in the air and lovers are marrying on the steps today.  Or, at least, pretending to.  Hangama, the annual Pakistani mock wedding, will be on the steps today from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  They’re already setting up, although no one has yet spotted the majestic white horse that will ride through the gates.

The Chicken and Rice cart (officially “The Halal Guys”), however, is almost done setting up.  The famed questionable combination will be on the steps this evening.  It’s not free, but one tipster associated with the event says the food will be available at a “reduced price.”

And while you’re gorging yourselves, enjoy performances by Bhangra, Taal, Dhoom, and Raas.  It’ll be a good show, so enjoy the mild weather and last bit of freedom before the dash to finals.

Photo by AB

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  • fan says:

    @fan the hot sauce was insane.

    1. spicy says:

      @spicy you must be a pussy

  • seriously? says:

    @seriously? you find a way to complain about delicious food that no one is making you eat being here for $4 cheaper (no subway rides)?

    1. some people says:

      @some people live in midtown, and have access to chicken and rice all the time.

      some people can also walk downtown occasionally instead of myopically believe that columbia is all of NYC and don’t spend $4 on the metrocard.

      not that I think that we should complain that there’s chicken/rice on college walk :), but to be fair, bwog did say it would be discounted, false advertising on their part.

      1. ops says:

        @ops i think they meant that the food OPS was selling was discounted. the chicken and rice cart was separate. But the food OPS was selling on the other side of low was crazy cheap

  • how late says:

    @how late is chicken and rice going to be there?

  • dude says:

    @dude the show was freaking awesome

  • flibberdigibit says:

    @flibberdigibit I flibberdigibited your mom last night.

  • balls says:

    @balls it sucked.

  • reduced price my ass... says:

    @reduced price my ass... it was 6 dollars, and if you go to their ‘sister’ cart on the NW corner… (before some asshat tells me it’s different, it’s been confirmed before that they’re the same) it’s 5 dollars and the line is about 1/2 of what today’s was…

    1. well says:

      @well save the $4 subway commute.

    2. the sister cart says:

      @the sister cart is on the SE corner… the “real” cart is on the SW corner.. get ur directions straight, plus yea u save the commute

  • ah no way! says:

    @ah no way! i totally thought it would be a fake, so i didn’t go. still happening? i suppose i could look out my window.

    i think my laziness has reached new heights.

  • tipster wrong says:

    @tipster wrong yes its the real chicken and rice cart. everything is the same, including the price. looong ass line when after i got mine

  • Hmm says:

    @Hmm not sure a mock wedding is what I would associate with Pakistan at the moment.

  • Is it says:

    @Is it the real 53rd and 6th cart or not—cause there are the poser carts that come out during the day at that corner and are nowhere near as good

  • wait says:

    @wait why is chicken and rice questionable?

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