It’s the smart mixed-group and the lucky juniors today.  We’ll keep you updated with the scrawls on the Whiteboard of Fate while you bite your nails and “concentrate” in class. 

Bldg Size Confg Note # Bldg Size Confg Note #
EC EX 5 3S 1D FL18 0
Watt 2 2S 2 BR 0
FL16 0
1D 1 BR 0
FL14 0
1D Std Dbl 36
Rugl 2(4) 4S RA 0
Wdbg 2 HI DMD C   0 3(5) 3S 1D RA 2
H   0 5 3S 1D   3
K   0 6 2S 2D   0
2 MD DMD A   0
8 2S 3D   10
B   0
4S 2D   0
E   0
47C 3 3S   0
F   0
4 4S   0
J   0
5 1D 3S   1
L   0
6 4S 1D   1
2 LO DMD D  
7 3S 2D   10
G   0
Hogn 4 4S   0
I   0
5 5S   0
Last Update: 4:30 PM
2(4) 5S   0

7:00 PM: Official update of “What’s Left?” available on the housing website. Essentially you’re looking at the chart above you, plus 2 rooms each taken in McBain, Nussbaum, and Broadway.

4:34 PM: Almost. We’ve also got the word that two (presumably walk-throughs) have been taken in McBain in addition to the two rooms in Nussbaum. They’re folding up our folding chairs, so LiveBwog must say goodnight!

4:30 PM: And Woodbridge leaves us! Resigned to a zero on the side of the whiteboard, which perhaps will get a sad smiley face drawn into it like the Watt 1BR doubles did. That’s it for today, housing hunters. 

4:16 PM: Only one Woodbridge spot left! And Bwog hears that although it’s not on the board yet, Nussbaum’s best spots are starting to go to rising juniors – two rooms in the 9th floor suite were just taken.

Older updates after the jump.  

4:10 PM: The whiteboard is steady, the juniors are still indecisive, and freshmen passing the lounge have figured out that there’s free candy and soda for the taking – wow!

3:38 PM: We’ve got a lot of discussion going on between different junior pairs – apparently they’d all like to live in Watt together, and the discussion of what to do if one or two groups can’t get in is getting tense. 

3:16 PM: It’s quiet. Maybe too quiet, but, acccording to housing, the calm is partly because many of the groups with recent appointments have come in, stared blankly at the board for several minutes, and then chosen to drop to General Selection. Yeah, it’s that time again.

2:38 PM: “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time, yeah, a good time.” Discussions of lofting beds in the tiniest Woodbridge bedrooms.

2:20 PM: Woodbridge I and D lines are now dead and burried, only G line remains. Get em’ while they’re hot!

2:12 PM: After three days of peaceful sugar doping, the first candy jar is knocked over in a frenzied attempt to dull the pain. Junior mints litter the floor.

2:02 PM: Yup, the last four single Ruggles suite is off the board, and there are now just two doubles in Woodbridge not on the G line.

1:40 PM: Annnnd we’re back, and the first group up is an eight-person group, no doubt eying one of the remaining Ruggles suites. They end up choosing a three double one, but it sounds like the next group of eight is strongly eying the last remaining four single suite.

12:30 PM: Alright, it’s lunchtime – back in an hour with even less to choose from!

12:12 PM: The low-demand lines in Woodbridge continue to fall: only 1 I-line double left.

12:02 PM: Oh no!  Only fifty Studio Doubles in Watt! (a Housing person came out and made the changes)  And country music!

12:00 PM: From hopelessness to homelessness.

11:57 AM:  More updates.  Ruggles 5-person suites (with RA) rise from the grave?  There were 0, and now there are 2.  Also, Woodbridge low-demand apartments dwindle.

11:49 AM:  Next round of whiteboard updates courtesy of a friendly Housing staffer.  Watt 1-bedrooms are gone.

11:41 AM: And then there was one.  Watt 1-bedroom, that is.

11:37 AM:  Updates to the whiteboard & handy chart:  those Watt 1-bedroom apartments are still slipping away.  Two left.

11:31 AM: Bwog briefly joined the masses of nailbiters as John Jay wireless took a short vacation; it’s now returned, and we bring you a tragicomic addition to the whiteboard.

11:20 AM: “Does anyone else want to cry?  And get an apartment off campus?”

11:12 AM:  Somebody here thinks it’s a “Beautiful Day,” but Housing’s just corrected the Ruggles count, and Bwog tends to disagree:  4-person 4-singles in Ruggles are now extinct.

11:04 AM:  Woodbridge-Is (2 people) are down to 4; Watt 1-bedroom apartments (also 2 people) are down to 3.

11:00 AM: Apparently there’s a Woodbridge E-line suite left that’s not in the official count: someone picked it and then crossed it out.

10:47 AM: Whiteboard update. Housing’s Woodbridge count was incorrect until a few minutes.  There are actually 15 low-demand suites left.

10:33 AM: “It’s a total crapshoot,” says one Housing official.  “Things we thought would go fast aren’t, you know?”  Bwog is headbanging to even more Kid Rock.  It’s an On-The-Go playlist, meaning someone from Housing is a fan.

10:25 AM: Wandering around near the laptops used to sign your soul away post-selection, Bwog was approached by a Dining official looking to sell laxatives meals.  Apparently the dining dollar bonus for signing up post-housing is up $25 from last year.  That should buy approximately 4 sandwiches from Ferris.

10:19 AM: Kid Rock fills the lull left by the departure of ECX hopefuls.  Next up, probably the remaining doubles in Woodbridge followed by Watt: a whole host of two-person mixed-point groups is scheduled next.


10:15 AM: The Housing employee doing check-in has been calling out the name of a group for a few minutes now.  Bwog thinks a housing appointment is one of those things you ought to set multiple alarms for. 

10:13 AM: The final ECX suite was just taken.  All those poor 6-people groups coming in will be disappointed to have to deal with the double in the only 6-person suite left, in Claremont.

10:10 AM: Squeals are heard from behind the boards.  The last suite, perhaps? We’ll know soon enough.

10:09 AM: Chart update!  No more than 2 ECX left, unfortunately.  “OMG we’re like, sixth from now!”  A Housing staffer suggests that one group split up and try for Harmony.  But apparently the group had never heard of its 80-square-foot cells.

10:03 AM: One of the last happy ECX groups is jumping up and down to more Marley.  “Did you get it?”  “For shizzz!”

10:00 AM: A group reports that there are six ECX suites left on the unrenovated 14th and 16th floors.  One girl checking in just now has estimated that she’ll get the last one

9:45 AM: A group of ECX hopefuls with the luxury of choice discusses window views, while the first group of the day, a foursome, emerges from the Land Behind the Bulletin Boards

9:38 AM: The Housing staff seems to have noticed the lack of consumption.  It’s been remedied by refilling the Fireball Jawbreaker bottle.

9:34 AM: Despite it being a deservedly pre-breakfast sort of hour, no one’s touching the food.  Perhaps Peppermint Patties aren’t a breakfasty sort of food?  Or maybe they know that the small, over-shined apples came from that eatery across the hall?

9:25 AM: The first groups are here trying to catch a quick nap in the hard-to-Bwog-from dorm chairs.  Humid Reggae, reflecting the weather, urges them to “Stand up, stand up for your rights.”