And now, the fifth day of our housing liveblog! Feel the despair!

Building Size Config Note #
Harmony 2 D 6
Schapiro 2 D WlkTh 29
Wien 2 D WlkTh 18
Nussbaum 2 D WlkTh 0
McBain 2 D WlkTh 0
Broadway 2 D 19
EC 6 2 D 6
Last Updated: 4:47 PM

4:47 PM: There hasn’t been a new group for many minutes, “Like a Prayer” is playing and Bwog is feeling very lonely. But we’ve finally got a final count for the day!

3:55 PM: Rooms in Broadway continue to drop along with Wien walk-throughs. A group of 4 just checked out the temperature gauge, which read a balmy 83 degrees here in the John Jay lounge. The housing people are absorbed in the age old competition “Shoot the Bottle at the Trash Can.”

3:15 PM: Each member of the housing staff wears a ‘Get a Room’ t-shirt every day of this process. Have they all been wearing the same shirts for the past five days? Ew.

3:11 PM: Love is a Battlefield is echoing through the room. The lounge now has the humidity of a rain forest.

2:58 PM: In remembrance of the suite you won’t get, we’ve cleaned up our table.  Behold, the doubles.

2:46 PM: There goes the last Claremont Suite. The board is getting grayer and grayer…

2:40 PM: There goes the Claremont suite on 7. Only one Claremont suite left.

2:37 PM: Thriller is blasting out of the speakers, and friendships are being strained over the sparse options. 

2:30 PM: Broadway is going fast, down to 22 from 29. A few more McBain rooms taken too. Women are screaming for no apparent reason. This is weird. 

2:11 PM: More McBain doubles being snatched up with pairs of sophomores filling up the sixth floor. People are taking catnaps in butterfly chairs and looking sadly out at the rain. 

1:54 PM: Groups of rising sophomores hang around, wondering why there are not any singles left on the board. Hopes of large McBain doubles shouldn’t pose a problem yet: 136 left. Some sophomore groups with high numbers are dropping to General hoping to get Furnald.

More updates after the jump.

1:37 PM: Back from lunch. Six doubles remain in EC. 

12:45 PM: Lunch time!  There’s a board update and our chart is updated.  Housing continues to miscount, as Broadway doubles are up to 29 from 21. It looks like most people took McBain doubles, with Nussbaum coming in second.  See you in less than an hour; the next appointment is at 1:30 and will be taking a double.

12:19 PM: Ruggles will be completely gone before lunch.  The last five-person suite will be picked by a proxy.  Something confusing about “mistakes” and an “I got the email.”  There are only three suites left now, for five, six, and seven people.  And they will be gone soon.

12:10 PM: Several groups of six have skipped over the remaining six-person Claremont suite because it’s “too small.”  Most are opting for doubles in Nussbaum.

12:02 PM: Halfway into the first day of sophomore selection and no one’s picked into the six Harmony doubles yet.  They range from 200 to 250 square feet- it might not be a bad pick for sophomores. 

11:51 AM: Many groups are taking advantage of the new sophomore pair-up.  Groups of four go in and emerge having picked into Nussbaum.  Oddly, few groups Bwog has seen are talking about going to Broadway doubles.

11:46 AM: Board update.  A confused freshman looks at all the instructive signs and says “Here goes.  Where’s ‘Step 1’?”

11:35 AM: While we wait for a large group of rising sophomores to emerge (who certainly won’t get what they want), Ludacris’ “Get Back” is playing.  For those unfamiliar with this artistic masterpiece, its refrain is “Get back, m*****f***er.”

11:33 AM: We caught ourselves singing along.  Minus three style points.

11:31 AM: Housing still has “Stacy’s Mom” on its iPod.  That would be an awkward rooming arrangement.

11:24 AM: The last Ruggles RA rider suite went to a group of four because the RA didn’t have a rider..  Congratulations to smart-thinking rising sophomores.

11:15 AM: With Disturbia weakly pumping through the room, Bwog wonders why Wien is abbreviated as “WIN” on the housing whiteboard.  Even they’re trying to fool themselves.

11:10 AM: “It’s dangerous business, this Claremont.”  This followed a discussion of sunlight availability on various floors.  “Higher floor means more light, right?”  Wrong.  If you’re on a shaft, just forget about light’s existence.  It will make you less bitter.

10:56 AM: John Jay residents are easily spotted in this crowd: they’re the ones wearing pajamas.

10:50 AM: Although only 2 7-person suites remain, the top all-sophomore groups seem to have 2, 4, or 8 members, with next 7-person scheduled for 11:42. Look for a lot of doubles to go before then.

10:36 AM: An impromptu dance party breaks out after somebody cranks up the speakers, only to be swiftly shut down by the Housing staff. 

10:33 AM: Another seven-person group is behind the proverbial curtain right now, and the last mixed-point group has just been called.

10:26 AM: One student refuses to give up, as he tells his group: “Stop with the negative energy – don’t give me that shit.” Also, 5 7-person suites left.

10:16 AM: Now playing: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. Bwog’s having Obama campaign flashbacks.

10:12 AM: Although housing has yet to update the count, Bwog counts three groups of seven this morning already for those Claremont suites

9:51 AM: Housing updates the count to note that Nussbaum walkthrough doubles are gone. Still waiting on those 7-person suites in Claremont.