Oh Housing LiveBlog, we hardly knew ye. If only there were a few more days worth of sophomores, a few of them would end up living in the basement of a frat, which would be funny. Instead on this final day we track the difficult decisions ahead for the dregs of 2012 – McBain or McBain?

Building Size Config Note #
Harmony 2 D 0
Schapiro 2 D WlkTh 12
Wien 2 D WlkTh 3
Nussbaum 2 D WlkTh 0
McBain 2 D WlkTh 0
Broadway 2 D 2
EC 6 2 D 0

Last Updated: 12:45 PM

12:45 PM: Our last board update. The fervor now dies, until Thursday, when general selection appointment times are online.

12:32 PM: You bastards.

12:12 PM: EC is gone. There are only three Broadway doubles left. No one has stepped on the Pattie, yet it seems to be slowly deflating. This could be a great time-lapse photography project.

11:59 AM: Everyone seems (or is pretending to be) fairly light-hearted. “It could be much worse,” one rising sophomore tells another. Meanwhile, there’s been a York Peppermint Pattie on the ground in the waiting area for upwards of forty-five minutes. If it’s wrapped, does the five-minute rule apply?

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11:48 AM: ” ‘Be the DJ?’ Hell yeah!” Freshmen approve of the homey atmosphere housing has created in John Jay. That, is, after all, what housing does best.

11:33 AM: A board update. Harmony is gone; apparently we’d rather take the risk than go for the devil we know (that would be McBain).

11:12 AM:  Yes, suite selection has been going on too long. The housing staff is trudging around looking like they’ve been socked in the collective gut, and there is awful white boy dancing occurring by the check-in table. The lack of interest in Broadway doubles is surprising – allow Bwog to recommend the 22 line, which has great views of Broadway and a slice of the river beyond.

10:52 AM: A steady stream of sophomores files in and out, all saying the same thing –  “McBain shaft. McBain shaft? We don’t wanna be shafted. It is the SHAFT.” 

10:28 AM: As “The Boy is Mine” plays, we have our first update of the morning! The EC 6th floor doubles are starting to go, despite their awkward location, and the McBain numbers are dropping fast.

10:11 AM: It’s quiet. Dejected rising sophomores find no comfort in the candy that they’ve been snagging from the lounge since last Monday. “Nobody Said It Was Easy” sets the mood for all three of us sitting here waiting for a whiteboard update.

9:45 AM: It’s too early to update the whiteboard, duh. Relax and take it easy with a little Jason Mraz, “I’m Yours.”