Barnard juniors may want to stop browsing those Craigslist apartment listings.

Housing has announced in an e-mail that it will not offer rising seniors the “Senior Option,” a program that allows seniors to apply a portion of their financial aid funds toward off-campus apartment rent.

The program was designed to alleviate pressure on campus housing facilities during years when the number of rooms ran short, but Housing officials say that’s not an issue for the 2009-2010 school year.

If Barnard seniors still wish to move off-campus, May 15 is the deadline for cancellation without incurring a $1,000 fee. Just remember, commuting may be a bitch next year.

Barnard Housing’s full e-mail is after the jump.

Dear rising-Seniors:

In recent years, Barnard has offered a “Senior Option,” which allowed

Seniors on financial aid to apply those funds toward rent for an off-campus

apartment.  The Senior Option was created as a response in years in which

the College had a shortage of vacancies in campus housing for students on

the Wait List after Room Selection and for new students.

After evaluating our current housing stock and the number of projected

First-Year and Transfer student enrollments, we have determined that the

Senior Option will not be offered for the 2009-2010 academic year.

If you chose a room for the 2009-2010 academic year during this year’s Room

Selection process and wish to cancel it in order to move off-campus, you

have until May 15 to do so without incurring the $1000 cancellation charge.

If you do decide to move off-campus, we encourage you to discuss your

individual circumstances with the Financial Aid office, as changing to

commuter status will affect the amount of financial aid you may be eligible

for and/or receive.


Barnard College / Residential Life & Housing