As if John Jay’s courageous tray-elimination weren’t enough! Dining goes the extra mile today with “Green Dinners” for Earth Day in John Jay and Hewitt.

You should probably proceed with the usual caution, avoiding all meats and carbohydrates that appear green, but on your way out you might stop by a few of the student environmental groups that’ll be tabling at the events. And, in all fairness, the “locally grown food” might be pretty good.

If green food and the EcoReps’ guilt-inducing waste buckets don’t fulfill your earth friendly quota for the day, you could turn off some lights or something. Plus, Greenspiration, a series of events sponsored by various campus groups, will be running earth-related activities from now until Sunday. There are also Earth Fairs going on throughout the city this weekend – Friday and Saturday at Grand Central and Sunday in Central Park. There will be musical performances, tons of info on how to do good by Mother Earth, and probably some free stuff.

Of course, if you want to feel like you’ve really done something really important, you should head to Times Square today to see New York City’s best effort to diminish it’s carbon footprint – The Green Ball Drop. Yes, we’re talking about a big ball of green lights, all bright and shining, dropping at 12 noon to celebrate Earth Day.  They’re energy saving lightbulbs, but still.