QuickJest: Didn’t Ya Hear, There’s A Recession!

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The newest issue of The Jester will hit news stands tomorrow with a shocking title. Who knew there was a recession on? For the inside scoop, you can check out the pdf version tonight. 

You know what else is new? You’re about to graduate from college! And even if you’re not, the real world is out there, and it’s coming to get you! (3, Jester’s pages)

The obvious solution is to become a professional businessman. (4)

Or, if you think you’d be better at it, a skanky hooker. (5)

If neither of those sound appealing, please fill out this job application form:

 – Question 1) What would you rather see a funny picture of, a beluga whale humping an insect, or an exorcism? (7)

 – Question 2) Would you rather be lame or awesome? (19-20)

 – Question 3) Find the economy on this drawing. Hint: it’s wearing a white and red shirt and glasses. (12-13)

Of course, you could forget about getting a job. Just live on coupons. (25)

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  1. anybody  

    want to let us know how ann coulter was?

  2. Wolf Blitzer in a Robe  

    Amazing. [Howls, and lights a cigarette.]

  3. apparently  

    she mentioned fisting a lot

  4. ha ann coulter  

    so many CU students got up and made a really decisive comment and then she smacked them down. that's right nixon went up in esteem. suck it!

  5. Actually...  

    This Jester issue is pretty good.

  6. layout

    has anyone noticed the layout design is way cleaner and more like that of a real magazine? i love it!

  7. what  

    what is going on under the tents on south lawn?

    • hahaha  

      you must be a freshman.

      also, i really like the cover of this Jester issue. it speaks to me.

      • Oh man!  

        This new edition of The Jester is amazing! It almost matches the hilarity of the new Fed! I bet these guys will end up writing for SNL or something... Also, can we stop with the Ann Coulter discussion? This thread is for Jester fans ONLY!

  8. 2150  

    this just brightened my morning. great issue!

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