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When Traveling with the President Is The Least Important Part

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times covered former Dems president and current White House staffer Josh Lipsky, CC ’08, and his trip to Buchenwald as part of Obama’s team. Lipsky, who worked on Obama’s advance team during the campaign, did not volunteer just to get out of the Visitor’s Office; rather, he wanted to visit the camp where his grandfather had been a prisoner:

“By the time Lipsky got to the camp last week, its caretakers already knew of his connection from other young staffers already there. Within hours of his arrival, the information began to flow…A guide found a letter from a prisoner, telling of a camp cook in the later years of Buchenwald who used to line his clothing with potatoes and sneak them to the hungriest… Later, someone from the camp’s foundation came to him with his grandfather’s check-in slip, on which the young cook had signed his name — in a manner bearing a striking resemblance to the way Lipsky writes his own signature.

Our modus operandi is to make a snarky comment here, but in this case, just read the whole thing (photo by Chris Usher of the Times).

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The whole LA Times article was awesome. Good job Bwog.

  • frowny says:

    @frowny 36, I’d stop engaging if I were you. You’ve made your points pretty clearly and it doesn’t look like logic is really making a dent here. (Also, I swear we Christians are not actually all islamophobic assholes. Despite not having time to post hundreds of words about it on anonymous comment threads, the vast majority of us are alienated and saddened by comments like those made above. God bless.)

    I’m sorry that the comment thread made something so bitter out of a really heart-warming story about human connection. Good luck with your work, Josh!

  • I didn't says:

    @I didn't read that your were in the military. Good for you. What branch? Too bad you don’t give a crap about the men and women who are still there and not off at Ivy League colleges basking in their perfect grammar.

    You seem more like one of Columbia’s beloved weatherman than a vet.

    Seriously, you need to stop being such an elitist d*ckwad. Just because you go to CU doesn’t make you anything special. The homeless person walking down the street is worth more than the crap that goes here. Why? Because they don’t damage this country with polices such as those of your beloved HUSSEIN obama, “cowardly America” Holder, and the genius soda tax proposer Paterson.

    You’re dear leader, the anointed one, hates the military. He said this in the essay that bwog posted here last winter.
    He expressed, “outraged and shock” at the death of a child murdering abortionist.
    But only “sadness” at the death of an 18 year old Army recruiter killed by a muslim jihadist. He expressed no outrage towards his muslim brother the Jihadist.

    18 of the 9/11 muslim jihadists that killed over 3000 Americans were from Saudi Arabia. YOUR DEAR LEADER bowed to the king of that sh*thole country.
    If you support that American hating muslim worshiper, and you know what polices he stands for, your disgusting self righteous world view can go to hell.

  • Your grammar says:

    @Your grammar is so poor (i.e. “That you don’t care if thousands of Israelis are wiped out by a nuclear bomb that we could have prevented”) I seriously hope you are one of the students from another school only occupying our campus for the summer. Seriously, grade school should have taken care of this. The way you are using “that” in this clause is as a determiner. Thus, it is determining which “you” you are referring to. While I have been known to get much more rowdy when intoxicated and possess the usual variety of emotions attributed to a healthy human being, I do not suffer from schizophrenia. Hence there is only one “me” in this case. If you were meaning to use it as a conjunction then you also failed to use correct grammar. Please retake U Writing as you are in desperate need of a grammar brush up. Additionally, I did not vote for Obama because I wanted to feel “open minded” nor did I vote for him because he is articulate, black or any of the other trite misnomers which those of your ilk spit ad hominem. I voted for Obama because the world view he put forth is in alignment with my own world view and because I feel that the policies he supports will position my beloved country for prosperity in the future. As for your claim of “brainwashing”, I will have you know that I am ex-military and am decidedly not a “brainwashed” mindless liberal.

    1. but says:

      @but you’re GS! lol jk

    2. dude says:

      @dude calm down you freaking arrogant a*shole. This is a internet blog. I didn’t feel like checking my work.
      Since you are so arrogant as to think that Columbia students are better than everyone else I’ll have you know that I’m a CC math major. I spend my time doing rigorous proofs, not writing BS essays off of spark notes like you do…

      Your beloved country? What are you doing for your country? Are you going to enlist in the Marines and fight for her? Or are you too important with your super Ivy League education to do something like that? Best leave the defense of your beloved country to the idiot country hick rural Americans with bad grammar like me, right?

  • Wow says:

    @Wow I just realized how arrogant the things I’ve been saying are. I apologize if I’ve hurt your feelings. Who am I to judge anyone else, after all Paul was a murderer, but became one of the most loved of God. The above words only reflect my evil pride, immiturity, and the fact that I am a loser with no friends.

  • wow says:

    @wow what an intense conversation!! josh, congrats!! and to the muslim-hating troll who has calls anthropology, sociology and logic bullshit, GET A LIFE!!

  • By the way says:

    @By the way I have read The Conference of The Birds (not for a class). It was pretty good, it’s a pity that the muslims who follow this peaceful form of the religion are persecuted in Iran.

  • facts: says:

    @facts: are from primary sources, the Koran and haditha themselves, crime statistics, and proven information that Islamic countries BEGGED the US to help them and the bodies of our soldiers to prove that we delivered.
    All of which I gave you

    Socio/anthropo/logical bullsh*t that your esteemed and highly honored professors (99% of whom voted for Obama and agree with his policies) tell you that somehow loops every crime committed in the history of the world back the the US, even those committed in Marco Polos age…

  • okay says:

    @okay What facts did you post?

    Lets see this is basically your entire post:
    you’re a islamophobe.
    muslims are awesome because we invented algebra
    the west is so harsh to us
    The US should definitely apologize to Muslims, because some other girl said so
    Muslims have no reason to apologize to the families of the thousands of people killed in the name of Islam
    Marco Polo’s primary source does not count when discussing the history of islam. The koran and the Hadithat cannot be used in talking about islam.

    I admit that I lapsed into an exaggerated and spiteful reaction against Obama’s similarly exaggerated statement about Muslims.
    This is what I should have said: muslims have enriched America no more than any other group. That should be obvious.

    Why is it a requirement that I befriend muslims? Is that lady at hamdel not count because she is just a blue collar worker? Is she not good enough for you? Do I need to talk to some big shot “scholar” know it all professor who is under a mandate by Obama to keep the crimes of Islam hushed?

    My childhood best friend was a half Palestinian, half American boy. His mother divorced his father because he wanted to get another wife. Typical huh?

    Now go run along and cover your ears, don’t let anything in that isn’t fed to you by your esteemed and highly honorable professors (who, excluding Math/SCI/SEAS, produce nothing of any tangible value).

  • regarding says:

    @regarding hate crimes against muslim americans. I can’t remember the last time a muslim American was beheaded? Oh wait, that muslim TV producer in Buffalo cut off his wife’s head because she wanted a divorce. Seriously, the US is very tolerant of muslims, and that is a good thing. We shouldn’t harm you. However we should accept the evil things that SOME of you do, and we should not praise you, just as we should not praise any other group.

    Can you think of any hate crimes against Christians and Jews by Muslims? lol
    Let me think I off the top of my head (no pun intented):

    Eugene Armstrong- I dare you to watch the video of the poor old man (civilian) having his head severed off by a dull blade. The saddest thing is that he almost escaped, but the radical muslims set up a checkpoint pulled over his car, dragged him back to their lair and cut off his head.

    Nick Berg- head cut off

    Kim Sun Il- Korean Christian missionary beheaded in Iraq

    Daniel Pearl- Journalist executed by a shot to the head in Pakistan

    Ilan Halimi- a young French Jew tortured by a gang of (radical?) muslims for months and finally was doused with acid and fuel and burned alive . In addition to the burning his body was found with multiple stab wounds and missing a toe and ear. This crime was done by a group of 21 young muslims, all cheered with glee as one of them allowed Halimi’s mother to listen to her sons moans over the phone as they inserted knives into his flesh.

    Yevgeny Rodionov- a young Russian soldier who was captured by the Chechens and after enduring three months of brutal torture was decapitated. Why? Because he refused to remove his cross and reject Christ.

    If you can read this and believe that there is nothing wrong with the muslim world, the world that so copiously produces sick freaks who do crimes like these to innocent people, I do not know what is wrong with you.

  • that's right says:

    @that's right i would firstly like to correct you in calling me a liberal – again you generalize my identity and jump to conclusions. i am liberal on some issues but conservative on others; neither do i hate republicans. there are many muslims who are republicans and if you had done some research, you would know that the majority of muslims actually voted for bush in his two presidential elections. secondly, you say that the muslim world is not a good place. exactly how many muslim countries have you been too? exactly where are you getting your information from? you said that i am trying to hide facts? but i just gave you facts in my previous comment and so did a previous commentator. on the other hand, you did not bother to give a single fact, all your comments are hateful rants of how muslims basically suck, the ‘muslim world’ is evil and obama is a muslim-worshipping asshole.

    you say your rants again muslims are directed only against SOME muslims? here’s your last comment; “The idea that muslims have been a force for good is a freaking joke! I’d like Obama to elaborate on how muslims have “enriched” our country, other than by destroying the world trade centers, damaging the pentagon, turning prisoners into cold hearted Jihadists, and recruiting Americans to go fight for them in Somalia.” as any sane person can see, you are clearly referring to the muslim community as a whole rather than SOME muslims. at the same time, you have no trouble in associating the acts of a few extremists by claiming quite absurdly that other religions have not produced violent individuals and groups. infact, you are willing to base your entire understanding of the entire religion on these few individuals rather than the majority who practice it without even bothering to assess whether such acts might not have political causes behind them.

    my emotions are hardly high, infact i have from the very beginning said whatever i wanted to say in a sane manner (unlike you), though yes i am offended by your crazy rants against islam. in the end, however, you answered all my questions when you told me that you had not taken any class on islam, you have no academic basis in the religion, you have not studied the politics behind most of the events in the middle east and you have not read any sociological perspectives on the people of that religion and their various cultures. so yes, i do not wish to pursue my debate with you any further because i usually only participate in informed academic exchanges rather than with people whose only personal interaction with a muslim and his/her culture and religion is the ‘woman who works in hamdel’. i will however continue to do whatever i can to fight against misinformation from people like you and continue my interfaith work with like-minded people, many of whom are jews and evangelists.

    good day to you!

  • *your says:

    @*your religion

  • You says:

    @You still have not been able to provide a shard of evidence to rationalize Barack Hussein Obama’s worship muslims.

  • actually says:

    @actually you won’t hang from galllows, you’ll have your head severed off with a dull knife like Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong, the Korean missionary, and thousands of innocent muslims who simply broke some retarded sharia law…

    Look up one of those names in google images and watch the video. If any sane person were president they would not be pandering to these monsters.

  • You're post says:

    @You're post about energy makes sense. However, there is no denying the fact that Obama is more than partial to muslims world.

    ” And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”-Obama

    Since when is that a responsibility of the president? Swap the word Islam for Christianity and swap Obama for Bush and the media would be having an outrage!
    He apologizes to the muslims for America’s behavior even though the muslims should be thanking America for all that it has done for them:
    Kosovo would not exist without us

    Gulf war (we were INVITED by practically all of Iraq’s border countries to intervene and protect them from Saddam)
    Afghanistan (we are fighting the Taleban, a heretical muslim sect which enslaves it’s own people)
    Somalia (we tried to give them food, but look where that got us…)

    The US has nothing to apologize to the muslim world for. If there is an apology it should be from the muslim world to US for bombing our world trade center, for bombing our embassies in Lebanon (well before any US adventure in the middle east), Kenya, Tanzania, S. Arabia, for bombing our Marine barracks in Lebanon (killed 244 sleeping Marines), beheading our tourists, blowing up our airplanes (over scotland by Hezbollah ‘party of god’), and of course for 9/11.

    Why haven’t the Mosques in the US apologized for that muslim who so shamelessly murdered an 18 year old Army recruiter IN THE NAME OF ISLAM? Why hasn’t the Muslim world apologized for 9/11?
    Why haven’t the French muslims apologized for their group of youths who brutally tortured and burned to death a young Jew solely because of his religion?

    Obama loves muslims and SOME of them to run rampant creating crimes. Worst of all he thinks these crimes are justified since muslims are a minority.
    You guys can laugh now and call me a troll. Ignore the truth. Just wait ten years from now when you’re hanging from the gallows for breaking sharia law by having gay sex or are thrown in jail for buying a bottle of wine like Roxana Siberi.

  • I revel says:

    @I revel in the fact that you and your ilk get to bitch endlessly yet you can’t do a damn thing about it. This country is wisely moving slightly left of moderate on the political spectrum and it will remain there for some time to come. Bush lost the GOP and entire generation of voters. AIPAC and other zionist lobby groups have had far too much influence on the foreign policy of my country and I am glad that it finally appears to be receding. Israel will now have to play ball with the arab world unless it wants the U.S. to leave it shivering in the cold. We have been trying to mend the Levantine problem Likud’s way for the last 40 years and it has continually failed. Ideological Darwinism dictates that this way is ill adapted for the world and now must die out.

    1. I think says:

      @I think it’s sad that you do not care about your country, that you have no sympathy for other people. That you don’t care if thousands of Israelis are wiped out by a nuclear bomb that we could have prevented.

      All you care about is your own self righteousness, after all that’s why you voted for Obama… So you could say to yourself, “I’m so open minded, I’m such a good person because I helped to elect the first black president (who is 50% white and also happens to be a socialist hell bent on ‘recreating’ America into a socialist robot nation with no values)”.

      sorry for so many posts, I’m just stunned at how brainwashed many of my fellow students are.

      1. funny says:

        @funny nothing to apologize for? How about deposing democratically elected leaders around the world to replace them with puppets of the CIA? How about arming the Mujahideen that we now fight for our own short-term interests? How about actually having used an N-bomb and then lecturing other nations on disarmament? How about funding indiscriminate slaughter in Palestine unconditionally, and letting Israel hijack our foreign policy? How about supporting Pakistan for decades against India – a secular, democratic nation that tried to form a non-aligned movement during the Cold War?

        Sorry but the idea that the US has been a force for good globally is misguided. US foreign policy has a checkered history at best. It’s time that US citizens took a greater interest in world affairs and tried to better understand what their leaders are doing, instead of being brainwashed by the multiple-post troll on this blog and Fox-like media outlets.

        1. You're clearly says:

          @You're clearly an idiot.
          I said apologize to the MUSLIM WORLD. We didn’t nuke the Muslim world. Obviously we were the first people to get nukes, if Russia/Germany/Japan had them you know damn well that they would have used them too.
          The muslim world has been terrorizing all the “infidels” for centuries, ever since muhammad. Have you ever heard of Marco Polo? I suggest reading his book, or any other account of the Middle East before political correctness reigned supreme, before the only people you were allowed to criticize was yourself. Remember Don Quixote from Lit Hum? He has some things to say about muslims (generalizing) himself, especially since they cut off his hand after raping his country.

          The idea that muslims have been a force for good is a freaking joke! I’d like Obama to elaborate on how muslims have “enriched” our country, other than by destroying the world trade centers, damaging the pentagon, turning prisoners into cold hearted Jihadists, and recruiting Americans to go fight for them in Somalia.

          1. muslim says:

            @muslim i shudder to think that islamophobes like you go to columbia. i have spent a good chunk of my campus life fighting against xenophobia, whether it is anti-semitism or islamophobia. as a muslim, you have insulted me, my religion, my community, my friends, my life and my prophet. it is really very obvious that you have never taken a class on middle east, never researched the history of islam, or that region and i doubt you even have any muslim friends. your hatred of islam is clearly a byproduct of christian evangelists, fox news and god knows what other vitriolic, hateful brainwashing that is the reason america is not safe today and disliked by much of the world.

            i think commentator #29 answered your insane claim that america has nothing to apologize to the muslim world very aptly. why mosques in US haven’t apologized for an army recruiter’s murder, i don’t know and given that you are such a hateful islamophobe, i honestly don’t care. neither am i going to apologize on their behalf. there are brainwashed extremists in the world, yes, and they are doing horrendous things, yes but i have not come across any muslim anywhere in my life who sanctions them and while such madmen may claim to do it in the name of islam, it is not islam and there is no need to make the ‘muslim world’ apologize and i don’t want it to. i personally have nothing to apologize to you for.

            at this moment, there are muslims who are in the US army, there are muslims who died fighting in the iraq war buried in alrington national cemetary, there were muslims who died in the world trade center, there are muslims in the congress and the house of representatives, there are muslims in all walks of life who are contributing quietly and respectfully to this country and the world. the world’s second oldest university in the world is an islamic institution in cairo, it was muslims who developed algebra, a muslim man whose fantastic work today led to the development of the field of optics today and it is muslims who continued and improved upon the work of ancient greeks in medicine and philosophy. so i find your claim that muslims have contributed nothing to be equally insulting.

            by trying to mend relations with muslims across the world, obama is doing what any sane person would do. he can choose to go the path of bush and invade more muslim countries, but obama recognizes specially in the midst of today’s economic recession that the united states is not god, the path of confrontation is pointless, unnecessary and will only cause more pain.

            lastly, i find your repeated attempts to paint all of the muslims of the world as hateful terrorists to be quite outrageous. there are 1.5 billion muslims in the world today, many of whom come from different cultures, speak different languages and even have different, sometimes conflicting policies with respect to each other. i can only hope you are alone in wishing to fight a war with a fifth of humanity but given the number of hate crimes that occur against muslims in the united states every year, i am aware you are not. fortunately obama’s much intellectually superior abilities compared to yours are cognizant of what the right path is and i am grateful for his attempts at objectivity and his outreach to muslims across the world.

            1. listen says:

              @listen if you read my earlier posts you would realize that I said “SOME muslims”. I simply dropped the some in the later posts and left it implied. I do not hate muslims. You probably are critical of republicans, but does that mean that you hate them? No. What you, Obama, and all other subjective liberals do is demonize your opponents by calling them hateful bigots and “islamophobe”. I have great respect for muslims such as the lady at hamdel. I have great respect for the intensity of muslims’ faith in God and in many of their morals such as abstinence from alcohol and fornication. However, to say that the muslim world as a collective whole is a good place is an utter lie. It is not a good place. The reasons are obvious. Isn’t the fact that more muslims protested a Danish cartoon (and torched their embassies) than the 9/11 attacks disturbing (considering 9/11 was a terrible act done in the name of Islam)?

              I’m just pointing out the FACTs that no one else at Columbia would. The facts that your “scholars”.

              Why is it that professors are so eager to tell you about the evil deeds of the catholic church (I do not deny them) yet they would never criticize Muhammad or any muslims, past or present? Read Marco Polo’s world travels. You will see that MANY of the muslims back in his time act in the same way as the “radical” ones do today.
              Regarding the definition of “radical” muslims. If you actually read the Koran and the Haditha you would realize that the “radical” form of Islam is more congruent with the Islam of those books than your modern version. However, that is beside the point.

              I am simply concerned with the world’s toleration of the deeds of these radical muslims. I am sick of hearing the collective whole being praised, it should be treated the same as any other religion, with indifference. It should not be the duty of the president of the United States to defend islam. Why hasn’t he said the same thing about Christianity or Judaism? Both of those religions are under constant attack by atheists, abortionists, biologists like Dawkins, and hosts of others. yet unlike Islam these religions are not producing SOME people who BEHEAD tourists, aid workers and other civilians, people who murder their own soldiers, people who use torture techniques on POWs that make waterboarding look like a fun game (read Bravo Two Zero).

              I have not taken a class on the Islam. I know that you are sheltered to the truth’s of our religion, just as the Catholic church does not going telling it’s members all about their crusades and the devastation they wrought on the people of Europe.

              I would like to debate you, but I presume your emotions are so high that you could not do such a thing as have an open dialogue with a knowledgeable opponent. You know that you are wrong and the only way that you can win is by hiding the facts, by trumping down your opponents and making them look bad with charged names like “islamophobe” so that no one will listen to them.

            2. why won't says:

              @why won't you apologize on the behalf of those mosques who don’t see it necessary to apologize to the family of a young man killed because some muslim thought he was an infidel?

              I would certainly apologize on the behalf of America for the Nukes against Japan, for the bad things done in central America, and for the terror that the recent drone planes cause Pakistani villagers.

              See, that’s the difference between your culture and mine. Here we admit our mistakes, we acknowledge when we are wrong and we seek reconciliation. You however would say to a child of a man beheaded by a radical muslim, O that extremist doesn’t represent Islam (even though his actions are certainly inline with the Koran and Haditha), he does not represent my religion and people (even though the words he shouted as he cut off the child’s father were,”allahu akbar”), and in fact, your daddy deserved it because he represents America and evil empire. Thereby absolving yourselves of any connection to anything evil. Islam teaches that Muslims are righteous and that infidels are evil. Christ teaches that we are all sinners.

  • #17, 18 & 19 says:

    @#17, 18 & 19 are the same troll, just in case anyone was wondering.

  • and says:

    @and consequently he has allowing Iran to turn into a ticking time bomb of Israel’s destruction and has made it very clear that he will not let Israel defend itself.

    Even if Iran claims their Uranium is for nuclear power (which is a blatant lie) Obama’s position on them is flawed. If Iran can have nuclear power why can’t we? Obama says we have to get rid of nuclear power and get windmills, but for some reason he thinks it is fine for Iran to have nuclear power? Since he is so into global warming would he realize that nuclear power will damage the environment no matter what country it is in? Something is very fishy here…
    Either secretly hopes for Israel’s destruction, or obama only cares about global warming so he can impose massive taxes and destroy our economy further…

    1. in order says:

      @in order to buy his wife 540 dollar shoes which she wears to homeless shelter benefits.

      This family is definitely worthy of all the praise the state run media gives them…NOT

    2. kjr says:

      @kjr As you pointed out, there is a difference between maintaining nuclear capabilities for power vs. weapons. Obama’s stance on reducing the U.S.’s energy is just that, a policy on energy. Nuclear power is less safe for the environment and the health of Americans (because though it causes more far-spreading damage than some other types of energy, it IS localized. If it weren’t, I doubt people like you would still support it after Chernobyl, etc. because you would have experienced first hand the damage it causes to human health. Oil, coal, and gas are the energy sources that put the GLOBAL in global warming. You need to get some facts straight and stop layering half-truths to build your arguments.). Nuclear energy is dangerous, there’s no truly safe place to store its waste– why would we continue to rely on such a risky form of energy when we have other options? The U.S. needs to lead the world as a good example by relying on cleaner energy sources, otherwise we have no business telling developing countries to clean up their acts. And finally something you might like– Alternative energy is a type of homeland security. If the US can decrease its dependence on the Middle East for energy, then it can OBJECTIVELY address their issues, from extremists to women’s rights. I don’t think any resolutions will really stick until then.

      1. You're uninformed says:

        @You're uninformed Nuclear power is actually quite safe, do some research. Chernobyl was such a disaster, for many reasons, one of them being the fact that they did not have the properly installed structures required for nuclear power plants to operate safely in the event of an untimely meltdown situation. Scientists are actually able to utilize spent fuel and further create engergy, it’s just not economically feasible right now. This logic is flawed further in that the reality of the sitation is a qusetion of global warming. Do you think we;ll be safer in 15 years having continued the use of coal fired power plants instead of nuclear power? It is a fantasy to think the united states will be convered in wind turbines by that time. We need to utilize nuclear power now, as it is economically feasible and environmentally better than the current. Then we use the extra 50-80 years to get the solar and wind power up and running. Maybe you should do some research and stop being such a blind obama supporter. Remember how you thought he would end the war? Still think he will? Maybe you should google that too.

        1. kjr says:

          @kjr I agree that the US should, for the moment at least, be hedging its bets and utilizing multiple energy sources. Coal and oil should be phased out, then natural gas, while not expanding too quickly on nuclear power, and focusing on development of solar and wind power (hydroelectric has some major problems associated with it). I never said otherwise, you just didn’t ask before calling me “uninformed” and a blind Obama supporter. I took issue with #18 confounding nuclear power vs. weapons, and not recognizing that the former isn’t risk-free. Of course we have to make due with the infrastructure and economy we have, change is not immediate, but our development dollars should be funneled to the better of the technologies.
          And I stand by what I said, compared to other alternative energies, nuclear power is not safe. They all have their downsides, but nuclear waste will be a major problem once the US has to deal with, since at the moment plants are not doing anything at all, just storing it on site. Reusing the waste on a large scale is very far off indeed.
          Maybe you should stop blindly flinging insults.

  • seriously says:

    @seriously josh lipsky is the best

  • not gonna lie says:

    @not gonna lie i hate jews who think theyre better than the rest of the human population.

    it was a nice story but terribly written.

    1. or... says:

      @or... you could decide to hate ANYBODY who thinks they’re better than the rest of the human population. Otherwise, you’re a bit of a douche.

  • It's a pity says:

    @It's a pity that he has been duped into serving the man who wants to give the holiest places in israel to the muslims and is letting Iran develop Nukes for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. If he knows all this then good for him, he’s doing his job well, great job helping to get this American hating socialist/muslim worshiping idiot into office…

    1. tee hee hee says:

      @tee hee hee Rush Limbaugh knows how to use the series of tubes?

      1. Rush Limbaugh says:

        @Rush Limbaugh and goes to Columbia too apparently (little crown next to comment)…

    2. hmm says:

      @hmm i take it u’re a jew who hates muslims. what makes u any holier than an anti-semite then?

      1. well says:

        @well jews are god’s chosen people. that in itself seems to imply they have some holiness factor right?

      2. I'm not says:

        @I'm not a Jew. I’m a Christian who understands the plight of the Jewish people and the great danger that they are in right now. There is nothing wrong with muslims, but our president has taken his worship of muslims so far that he is allowing SOME of them to plan and do terrible things right under his nose.
        For instance, Obama condemned the murder of the abortionist yet he did not condemn the murder of a US Army recruiter by a muslim terrorist!
        If Obama was impartial to muslims he would have at least condemned this blatant act of terrorism. Citizens killing the people who serve them because they say that the “holy” koran tells them too.
        Clearly SOME muslims have a severe mental disorder and Obama has done nothing to try to cure them of this.

  • Tool, CC '09 says:

    @Tool, CC '09 I wouldn’t work for Obama if you paid me, but well done Josh for sticking up for what you believe in.

  • umm says:

    @umm i love josh. he is the best. seriously.

  • yes says:

    @yes He has been one of my closest friends for years. He will be the godfather of my firstborn. And he is such a tool.

    1. hahahah says:

      @hahahah hahahaha that is so awful… but so funny! definitely one of my favorite comments.

  • guys says:

    @guys i’ve known him for a while… a huge tool

  • okay says:

    @okay I went to high school with Josh. He was a senior when I was a freshman but he was always super nice and so smart. He was president of our school and I’m glad to see him making a difference in this world. Josh is the perfect person to have accompanied Obama on this trip. Everyone in our community back at home is really proud.

  • well says:

    @well he is a tool. nice story though.

  • good says:

    @good story.

    And josh lipsky is an incredibly nice, smart, funny guy – really a wonderful person and I am grateful to have met him … and therefore, since this is bwog, I await with baited breath for one of the bwog trolls to call him a tool

    1. oh, and says:

      @oh, and It’s “bated” breath, not “baited.”

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