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Last Stop for the Watson Rumor Train

Put down the wands – a wizard will not be joining the Columbia community in the fall. Multiple tipsters alerted us (with startling quickness) to Emma Watson finally going on the record about her Ivy destination. And yes, as predicted, Brown won this battle. Guess we’ll have to settle for the White House.

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    1. no sookie for me says:

      @no sookie for me is that supposed to make us feel better?

      1. Yes. says:

        @Yes. She’s a better actress, and hotter.

  • bwog says:

    @bwog season 2 is really sucking

  • 2012er says:

    @2012er This is a sad night for past, present, and future Columbians around the globe.

  • 1020 regular says:


    I will just have to hit on all the regular girls instead…pre-frosh, look out!

  • 201333333333333 says:

    @201333333333333 Except not at all. This season is the shit and the urinallllllllllll (that’s a Kanye Quote)

  • Kanye Sucks says:

    @Kanye Sucks No, it’s a diversionary tactic for the media – she’ll take polyjuice and attend Columbia.

  • NO SHIT says:

    @NO SHIT Get over yourselves, Columbia fuckers.

    Besides, there’s plenty of semi-celebrities already on campus.

    1. Brownie? says:

      @Brownie? Are you from Brown? If so, you might be unfamiliar with blog etiquette. Kindly remove your fist from your anus, get off your sister, and post again.

      1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! says:

        @HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! “blog etiquette”


        1. offended says:

          @offended Blog etiquitte is real and you sir are in grave violation. For instance, your post fails to call another user “fag” or “motherfucker” even once. Such total lack of crudeness is untolerated on blogs. In addition, your laughter is directed in a derisive way which although mean-spirited fails to meet the communities minimum standards for laughter, “horrible and agonizing death”. Finally, every word in your post is spelled correctly – even the run-on laughter already addressed is composed in the vernacular of those who have lives outside of the internet. I await your apology.

  • Meh says:

    @Meh Why would anyone want to go to Brown?

    1. Brown says:

      @Brown is a great school. But I don´t understand why she would choose it over Columbia!

  • no word on her website says:

    @no word on her website Although it DOES seem strange that despite every single media outlet claiming she’s going to brown she STILL HASN”T POSTED IT ON HER OFFICIAL WEBSITE, which she said she would do in multiple interviews. She’s always said something like “no, sorry, it’s a secret, but you can guess. Just don’t be so quick to believe whatever’s out there. I’ll inform everyone of my college choice on my official website.”

    1. Hee says:

      @Hee Still holding on to that one ray of hope, eh? And the moon landing was a hoax. And 9/11 was an inside job. And Obama’s a secret muslin.

      (sic, btw)

  • Jesus says:

    @Jesus This is getting more and more embarrassing. All you fanboys are a disgrace to Columbia. GET OVER IT

  • Hairy Pooter says:

    @Hairy Pooter Brown? And to think, she could have gone to an Ivy League school instead.

  • brown? says:

    @brown? She newly posted on her website… didn’t mention her college choice yet like she said she would…..

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