Morning Roundup: A Tale of Two Cities Edition

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The best of times:

Kittens need to move out of their 72nd Street apartment and into your heart (Gothamist).

Freakonomics thinks your professors should pay you (NYT Freakonomics blog)!

Coming soon:  more room to stand in line waiting for a friendly Labyrinth BookCulture employee to glance your way (Spec).


The worst of times:

Our Hero Stiglitz thinks we’re worse off now than we were before “Lehman Weekend” (Bloomberg).

Body found in the building where Yale grad student Annie Le was last seen (Yale Daily News).

Someone’s making a profit off the 9/11 tragedy, and they didn’t even bother to spellcheck (NYT City Room blog).

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  1. sad

    apparently she was set to marry a physics grad student at columbia

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