Barnard First-Years All Tied Up

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The first set of first-year election results is in, and the winners in the SGA 2013 elections are:

VP – Rachel Ferrari

Secretary – Emily Feinstein

Treasurer – Anya Whelan-Smith

Those scoring at home will notice that that list does not include a presidential winner. This isn’t a typo (for once), but because, according to SGA President Katie Palillo, “three candidates were tied with an equal percentage of the votes. Because of this extraordinary circumstance, we’ll be hosting a run-off election this weekend with voting beginning Tuesday September 29th at 9am, until Thursday October 1st at 9am.” Reports indicate that all remaining candidates “are committed to being strong, beautiful.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    Making fun of the title is like hooking up with a Barnard girl - something very easy makes something very hard.

  2. that's why  

    they should switch to instant runoff voting. like the college and senate!

  3. Max

    Is that bear constantly in Thriller dance mode? If so....thats might be the best mascot ever....

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