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kadeerTonight at 8 PM in Havemeyer 309, Rebiya Kadeer, the woman dubbed the “Uyghur Dalai Lama” and the famed advocate for minority rights in China, will speak at an event sponsored by Columbia International Relations Council and Association in conjunction with Columbia Political Union and Amnesty International.  She’s the President of the World Uyghur Congress, the President of the Uyghur American Association, and one of the Chinese government’s least favorite people; Bwog also hears that free food will be served.

Kadeer was imprisoned for five and a half years in northwestern China after she allegedly provided “secret information to foreigners.”  She was only released after the US government, members of Congress, and groups like Amnesty International campaigned for her freedom.  She currently advocates for the rights of the Uyghur ethnic group in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang, a group which is oppressed and marginalized by the Chinese government.  If you’ve never heard of the Uyghurs, here’s another reason to go see Kadeer; the Chinese government claims that she masterminded the race riots this summer in Xinjiang, a charge which she denies. 

If global affairs don’t tempt you, remember that the freshmen aren’t disenchanted with CCSC quite yet — there are multiple parties running for election!  The CCSC 2013 Debate is happening tonight at 9 PM in the Roone Arledge Auditorium.  We’re guessing that the freshmen student council hopefuls may not be quite as articulate as Ms. Kadeer, but head to Lerner to see if good Karma can beat out those who just want to Party. 

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  1. RSVP  

    there's an rsvp list & no waiting list; if you're not on the former you probably shouldn't bother.

  2. CC12  

    If you got an e-mail from CIRCA telling you you're on the waitlist and you should come anyway, don't. Public Safety threw a hissy fit and is only letting in those the first 100 RSVPs, even though Havemeyer 309 can seat over 300. Some people were getting angry and yelling when I left.

  3. CC13  

    Best part was seeing the guy thrown out during the introductions.

  4. State Secrets

    Btw, for the edification of the bwog audience, you know why she was charged under the "state secrets" law? For sending clippings from Xinjiang newspapers to her husband in the states. Nefarious, yo. Wish I could go and see her speak.

  5. Free Food???  

    Really Bwog? Free food? Nowhere in any of the publicity to anyone did it say anything about free food.

  6. Dear Bwog

    Pete, the late shift man at toms, leaves for Greece on Friday and won't be back till January 2011. Please give this man the honor he deserves

  7. awesome  

    I like Bwog's first paragraph - objective, informative, concise, and focuses right on the bigger picture by ending with "Bwog also hears that free food will be served."

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