Dying from a heart attack, seizing up, or miscarrying from the swine flu vaccine? The Feds say not to worry, this kind of stuff happens all the time, vaccine or no vaccine. (NYT)

Support or disagree with a University Senate-imposed Smoking ban? Hold your horses! In their first meeting of the year, PrezBo reminded them that the Senate only advises and doesn’t “have the power to implement” these kinds policies. (Spec)

Thinking the 96th Street transfer after hours on the 1 is the worst subway experience in New York? An MTA survey reveals otherwise; the worst station in the system is actually in Queens, where weeds have even sprouted. (NY1)

Happen to be in Brooklyn on Sunday? Don’t worry, you aren’t crazy if you saw 2,000 people walking invisible dogs. (improveverywhere.com)

Would you defend to the grave that Chicken and Rice is the best cart vendor in the city? Sorry, but the 5th annual Vendy Awards give this distinction to a taco stand in Brooklyn. You know, right next to the invisible dogs. (NY1)

 Image via Flickr