Two pieces of good news came in over the official Bwog wire this afternoon.  First, the first Mac Gray trucks have been spotted about campus after the Great Laundry Flex outage of 2009.

Flex readers in laundry rooms all over campus have been out since just before the start of the semester, but as of this afternoon, the readers in Watt, at least, appear to be working.  The out-of-order sign originally promised upgrades but the readers look just as 1980’s as before.

If by upgrade they mean “it works”…


Second, Bwog received a tip saying that Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame was speaking in the Journalism lounge.  Bwog rushed over and saw, peering through the dusty window of the cafe, saw not the rugged, charming face of the Discovery Channel host but that of Harvey Levin, the current managing editor of, made famous recently for breaking the story of Michael Jackson’s death.

 Spying through the window.

At least Journalism students now know that there’s a future for them – in following Beyonce around.

Photos by AB