Journalists and hippies alike may rejoice on this, the opening day of the Journalism School cafe. Nothing but the combination of news tickers on the wall, various 1960’s references on the menu, and cheaper-than-in-Starbucks Starbucks coffee could bring so many happy lunchers here on opening day.

After moving through a short, fast-moving line, Bwog was pleasantly surprised to hear that from below the headings “Make Salads Not War” and “Peace, Love, and Subs” came some pretty decent food, at least according to a gaggle of J-schoolers sitting on the sunlit terrace. Tasty though those $6.50 salads and $5 half-loaf subs may be, Bwog has to recommend the $2 hot dog to impoverished undergrads.

But even more important than the appearance of the cheapest substantial foodstuff to be had within the gates, the Journalism Cafe has some style. Airy and light, with a superb view across the lawns, the glass structure between stone walls is new-age in the best of ways. Though the cafe will only be open air while weather allows, once winter arrives the outside world will remain visible through a wall of pane glass, allowing light while keeping cold out. But, if Captain Obvious were with us today he might point out the most crucial aspect of this pleasant spot – no matter who owns and operates it, this is NOTHING like Campo.

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