David Hu reports from last night’s Registration/Michael Jackson mashup.

After a hectic week of moving in, attending semi-useful NSOP meetings, and countless awkward introductions to new people (most of whom will never meet again), the Class of 2013 was probably looking forward to finally being able to experience Thursday as their official start of the weekend. But for the hundred or so people in total that came to NSOP’s Michael Jackson-themed Registration Thriller Party, clearly something was still troubling enough that made them forego attending the numerous other parties taking place everywhere on and off campus.  More specifically, these first-years realized that class registration was only a few hours away, and the novices had no idea how to navigate it.

So putting their faith in their trusty Orientation Leaders once again, members of the Class of 2013 gathered around in the upstairs Lerner Party Space to learn about the Directory of Classes, CULPA, shopping for classes, and more. And when not in a one-on-one session with an OL learning the hotkeys to refresh the registration page, 2013ers learned the hot moves to Jackson’s “Thriller,” paying tribute to the late King of Pop. Perhaps one overenthusiastic OL put it best when she exclaimed, “Registration is probably the most important thing you’ll do in your first semester… next to learning the ‘Thriller!’”

While a good thirty people were on the dance floor, watching a giant YouTube how-to video on a projector, for most of the night a larger crowd just stood on the balcony above, looking on incredulously. For 13s, perhaps the highlight of the night was during the intermission when Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was played. Needless to say, many who were stumbling and blumbling around trying to master Jackson’s grooves needed no instructions on how to put their hands up, decide to dip, and make other brothers notice them.  

Most people began to leave the event at around midnight, partially due to an audio technical glitch, but this was not before one last attempt at dancing to the full length of “Thriller.” And how did the 2013ers fare? You can judge for yourself.