All (in CC 2013) Hail Jasiulek/Habbu!

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The results for the 2009 Fall Elections for the 2013 CCSC are in!  356 voters participated for a turnout of 32%.

President – Alexander Jasiulek

Vice-President – Karishma Habbu

Representative – Dylan Lonergan

Representative – Ryan Mandelbaum

Representative – Kyle Schmidt

Congratulations to all! Full results after the jump.

Instant-runoff voting uses rounds of voting, labeled as “R1, R2” etc. at the top of each column.

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  1. Harmony Hunter  

    do any new ccsc members live there? can any of them help me find it?

  2. COOOOOO  


  3. wtf?  

    Constance Boooooozer should have won! She had the majority of votes in the earlier rounds.

  4. Yeah Kyle  

    boozer goes down in round 13. with alast name like boozer, shes gonna have to go more rounds to make it..

  5. Anonymous  

    @ wtf?
    In the first round Constance had 41 votes compared to Kyle's 42. I guess she would have won in the top 3 of majority voting, but that was not the system used.

  6. Word  

    Hmmm - actually we do care. Hopefully she won't have lost in vain and these reps will be up to snuff.

    • welllll  

      the margin of victory was about a dozen votes cuz only 30% of the class voted. so if you actually care you should work on that.

      @4: Boozer didn't really go down in round 13, she got bumped out of the top spots in round 7. she got a core of people to vote for her but not a big enough spread to win. or maybe people who didn't know her just didn't like her last name.

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