The Hot Dog Vending Machine Is Working. Sort of.

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Yesterday, a Bwog operative was eating lunch in the formerly-known-as-Tasti Lounge, when a maintenance man approached the hot dog machine. The maintenance man proceeded to open the bowels of this strange beast for all to see.



Yep, still out of actual hot dogs. The Bwog taste test will have to wait another day.

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  1. wait what  

    hot dogs are $3.50??!!

  2. 35624564566  

    It looks disgusting, actually.

  3. poor  

    emily wallen. :-(

  4. I love hot dogs  

    I bet they'll be delicious.

  5. Ignorant

    Yes, I'm a first year...
    Where are these vending machines in Lerner?

  6. from experience,  

    the hot dog machines in the basement of Congress and surrounding House/Senate buildings are decent.

    They're also less than $3.50 and a local option is included.

  7. haha  

    good directions - definitely the most lernery way to get there

  8. dining is awful

    Anyway, $3.50 is absurd, and reflects the general absurdity of campus dining prices. They certainly don't seem to have tight budgeted students in mind at all. Go to any hot dog stand at a street corner downtown and you will find a hot dog for less, right off the grill instead of out of some machine, and in many cases from the very same company (Sabrett) or from a better one. Talk about greedy profit margins! A similar statement can be made about the bento box lunches in the Uris cafe from Mill Korean. The establishment itself charges fully half the price for the same meal on its premises. And we could go on and on. It's symbolic of the school's financial attitude.

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