Suspense Builds As Hot Dog Machine Joins Flex

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Though still devoid of frankfurters chilled, grilled, or otherwise, the Empti Lounge’s hot dog machine appears to be the newest member of Columbia’s illustrious Flex network.

A technician installed a Flex reader on the front panel of the machine today, enabling you to pass off your sizeable weiner bills to your parents as soon as Housing and Dining stocks the machine. A tipster’s photo shows this new development in progress at right.

Whether students actually use this new member of the Flex Club remains to be seen, of course, but at the least, Whole Foods is just glad not to be the new guy anymore.

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  1. we get it!  

    ok bwog, thanks. hotdog machines. jeez...

    flippin 15 articles chronicling this not interesting topic.

    obama got an emmy!

  2. ...  

    everything you wanted to know, and were prepared to ask:


  3. A novel idea  

    Will this flex transaction take 20 minutes to clear like all the other ones? Or will it just perpetually be "not working today". Off campus flex: a mediocre idea that never even seems to work.

  4. emily wallen

    must be rather ambivalent about this. i'm not sure if she has flex.

  5. And yet...

    somehow a number of the machines in EC that have been there longer than the Hot dog Machine haven't gotten swipe access yet.

  6. in response to #4  

    emily wallen does have flex. word is she IS excited about this change.

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