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Engineers Without Borders is holding a giant Roone-sized event this evening at 7:00.  Beyond Borders: Food will feature discussions with experts about the “cultural and social contexts” and the “systemic factors” affect our food.

Academic blathering aside, the event will feature an “Indian/African” dinner – no word on whether this is a hybrid or two seperate cuisines, but run on over and fill your plates.

Free tickets are at the TIC.

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  1. Harmony Hunter  

    oh hmm.. interesting.. good 2 know.. ok that's cool..

    where's harmony?

  2. news

    Arne Duncan, the secretary of education, spoke at Teachers College yesterday. Had anybody heard? Was any correspondent dispatched? Not being what you would consider an Obama fan, I hate to suggest that the rest of you devote more time to worshiping him, but this was surely a newsworthy event.

    • James  

      Honestly, we were only told about it yesterday - it's rare that we get TC students telling us what's going on up there, and nobody from TC sent Bwog any press release. Otherwise, we definitely would have covered it.

  3. bartleby  

    why do all of these alerts come 40 minutes before the event? Useless

  4. rk116

    what is filming in hungarian tonight?

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