Bwoglines: Getting What You Pay For

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Mike Bloomberg has broken his own campaign spending record, already blowing through $85.2 million with 11 days still to go. (AP)

When you’re Hugh Hefner, you’re “old enough to be the great-grandfather of some of his girlfriends.” Oh, and old enough to receive front-webpage articles that describe your cultural contributions as “almost quaint.” (NYT)

The new Yankee Stadium now has cracks in the ramps. (NYT)

In this case, the NYPD paid for shotguns that malfunction. (NYPost)

CNN gets a makeover, now looks hideous. (CNN)

Oh, and Gothamist actually makes a rat look sympathetic…for free. (Gothamist)

Update, 11:50 AM: Oh, and that whole swine flu thing?  Turns out that it’s for real. (NY Times)

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  1. NYisinahole  

    so bloomberg hikes up all taxes, fees, fines and sucks all the blood out of middle and lower-class new york for eight years and now he blows it all on campaigning and advertisements to get re-elected again and repeat the cycle.. what a champ

    • think for a moment...

      You do realize that all of that money that Mayor Bloomberg is spending on his reelection campaign is coming out of his own bank accounts, right? He's not "blowing" any public funds on campaigning, or even soliciting any contributions, as far as I'm aware. Personally, I'm not particularly comfortable with that-- I don't think a lack of personal wealth should be a hindrance to public office-- but since you have, without knowledge of the facts, criticized him for doing the contrary (which he is not), I think it's quite clear that you would criticize him for using any method of campaign financing whatsoever. I'm also not quite sure how your claim that he's "sucked the blood" out of middle and lower class NY squares with the facts. He certainly has raised a number of pretty stupid and potentially regressive fees-- but often with the explicit support and endorsement of Democrats, in the name of furthering Democratic initiatives and pet-causes such as reducing CO2 emissions (the "congestion tax"). Property taxes, however, effect people at all levels of the socioeconomic ladder. And while I certainly agree with you that NYC is becoming increasingly inhospitable for non-millionaires, I don't think you can really place the blame squarely on his shoulders. There are significant structural conditions at work here-- a shortage of real estate and a very high level of demand and foreign investment-- although I don't deny the possibility that he could have improved the situation, and I concur with you that his claim to have helped "preserve middle class neighborhoods and jobs" (sic) is absurd and insulting. In short, I'm not ecstatic about his tenure as mayor, and I don't particularly care for his ambiguous political identification and philosophy, but I don't think it's fair or dignified to criticize him for simply being rich, which I think is to some extent what you're doing.

  2. cnn  

    c'mon, the old CNN website was TERRIBLE. Couldn't get much worse. I like this upgrade. Next up, MSNBC?


  3. ...

    Oh, and when it comes to CNN, are you kidding me? That new website design is just plain ugly. Their previous design wasn't particularly good either, to tell you the truth-- the design that they had before that was much more elegant. It seems that they're trying to emulate the downright ugly appearance of a broadsheet tabloid newspaper, with huge, bold headlines and a really wide screen that doesn't quite fit on a regular monitor. On the positive side, though, at least their televised content has been steadily improving more or less over the same time period.

  4. correction

    Sorry, the "broadsheet" part didn't make sense. Tabloids are narrower than their more respectable counterparts. But you get the point.

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